Morning Glory Castle, Kyuden Asako


Kyuden Asako is the family seat of the Asako family, and is widely regarded as the most beautiful castle in the Emerald Empire. Before the Clan War, it was surrounded by beautiful, simple gardens and naturalistic sculptures, but as the Empire tore itself apart, Morning Glory Castle came under siege and was partially burned. Unfortunately, the fires struck hardest at the libraries which held the accumulated lore of the Asako family, a loss which has deeply affected all who ever attended the family’s courtier school.

Asako Nisobu is the daimyo of the Asako family, but she leaves the day-to-day operation of the court to her castellan, Isawa Toshiji. General Shiba Nakano commands the Phoenix forces stationed in the area.

After the peace was declared, courtiers from all the Great Clans have dispersed across the Empire, including to Morning Glory Castle, to broker the treaties and alliances that will the shape the future of Rokugan.

Hundreds of peasants, displaced by years of warfare, have gathered around Kyuden Asako, as well as demobilized ashigaru and scores of ronin. Some merely wait for the samurai to tell them what to do, while others carve out whatever slice of prosperity they can manage.

Morning Glory Castle, Kyuden Asako

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