Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 34 3-14-18

Pie day!

We are meeting and hear a cry from the village. We rush down, and find two ronin – Chin and Sparrowhawk – fighting. Fumiyo interposed and it turned into a combat! Chin swelled with unnatural strength and slew Kochako Yoshi before being cut down from a combined might of Fumiyo, Sparrowhawk, and Agasha Hotaka.

At the eta, we investigate Katsu’s body as Chin’s body burns. We find a scratch on the back of Katsu’s neck, which leads to an abscess from his neck up his skull which is curious. We have an eta cut the head off, and then burn the remains. They comply with much choppy choppy and then burny burny.

Mother Izoku comes running up (UNUSUALLY FAST) to inform us that a woman in town had had a miscarriage and has brought the child’s body to be burned by the eta. They create another fire and Matyu calls another meeting, and instructs the bath attendants to encourage as many people as possible to take baths so they can see in case they have an abscess.

There is a great exodus from Smoking Waters now that the fight has happened.

That night, there is a funeral for the lost baby from the samurai who came to visit. Fumiyo is the only PC team samurai to attend.

you to[/u]

DJ for Sapporo beru!
Jacku for cupucakyu
Ben for dinner
Ron for Grapes that no one ate.
Ben for music
Ben for log



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