Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 25 7/12/2017


Akodo Tokaji, Asako Boladai, Isawa Asano, Shiba Kasai, and Hotaro climb though a small crack in the hill and end up in ANOTHER bamboo forest. There are two moons – one half full, and one full. The rabbit in the moon is missing – the moons are completely different. No stars.

We hear no birds and no insects – but then Akodo hears an insect noise . He pads silently into a shadowed glade and finds a large carpet of flies covering a mounded up SOMETHING. We get into a huge fight with the flies and maggots. We win, but barely. The corpse is a wolf, that was killed by something from the shadowlands.

We hear a wolf’s weird angry howl, and faintly a baby’s cry. And then this weird gecko-person runs up to use in a panic, and then sees the torch and runs the other way in a panic. Isawa Asano thinks it’s a human that has succumbed to a hitsu, and is becoming a gecko. He says the woods are his domain. Says his name is Chuda Dakano. (Chuda are the snake clan, dedicated to combating Maho from Isawa Chuda. But clan faded away a few centuries ago.) He can lead us to the O-Kami. The bear spirit that was here is dead, likely at the hands of the O-Kami.

We’re going to walk along the ridgeline, near Tanuki territory. Involves a lot of climbing. Slept really well and are very refreshed. It never gets full daylight, but gets to a lighter darkness.

4 XP
3 XP to Ben for dinner
3 XP to DJ for sour cherry cake



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