Isawa Matyu

Arrogant Powerful Water Shugenja


Tall in Red Phoenix Robes, Isawa Matyu has dark eyes and hair. He has an abundance of scroll tubes about his person, and a glass jar about half full of water. He enjoys talking about many subjects, especially smoking waters, but comes off as a touch rude in various ways.


Regarded as a strong and promising water Shugenja, Matyu is eager to serve his clan and lord. During the clan war, internal maneuvering left him with an honorable position of guardian for a temple to the water kami. It also left him with no opportunity to prove himself. He stewed there until the Smoking Waters reclamation mission was announced and he managed to get himself attached to it. He is pleased to be part of something proactive and will do whatever he can to have it succeed. Unfortunately, the water kami actually became quite attached to him at the temple. When he left he hurried through the rituals to placate them and has since discovered they are angry as a result.

Isawa Matyu

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