Shiba Ran (Missing & Presumed dead)


Shiba Ran is a young woman of average height. She has an athletic build and skin tanned from spending most of her time outdoors. Her dark hair is cut short like a young man’s. She also favors hakama over dresses. It is obvious that Ran never grew out of being a tomboy.

Clan – Phoenix
Family – Shiba
School – Tsuruchi archer


Shiba Ran was the youngest of 7 children. Not one for playing with dolls, she spent most of her youth either rough housing, hunting, or playing war with her brothers and the other boys. Always with a makeshift bow in her hands.

When Ran was 14, she went to Kyuden Ashinagabachi to compete in the Day of the Wasp. Though she was the youngest competitors she was one of the 6 that were chosen by Tsuruchi to receive formal Wasp training.

She has recently returned to the Land of the Phoenix.

Shiba Ran (Missing & Presumed dead)

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