Iuchi Kazei

Unicorn War Profiteer


Ide Kazei is a middle-aged, opulently dressed Unicorn merchant. He has been assigned to Morning Glory Castle because his merchant caravan was nearby, and with winter setting in, they are set to provide goods to both the castle and the large encampment of refugees nearby. Kazei is exceptionally polite, but it is well-rumored that he is personally included in many dealings rather than letting his lessers take care of it for him.


Kazei broke away from his family’s tradition of being peacemakers and mediators to get rich during the Clan Wars. His excellent timing and business acumen to supply what was needed most at just the right time at a slightly-gouging price earned his daimyo many koku early in the wars. As they progressed, he became one of the chief arms merchants for Toturi’s Army, providing armor, spears, reclaimed katana, medicine, and more to the roving army of ronin, cast-outs, betrayers, and more than eventually defeated the Hantei.

Iuchi Kazei

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