Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 9 11/30

The folks from Smoking Waters limp back to town, and no monkeys are seen.

On the road, Mirimoto Tomoe is entranced by Kitamahari, and spends the night on top of the tower. We make it to Nesting Swallow. We leave Mirimoto Tomoe there and the peasants have a small celebration. The yurts are going farther west to Blue Well. She pledges to aid us, and vice versa.

The peasants arrive in the afternoon. They seem very pleased about Smoking Waters, despite Iuchi Kazei’s speech. People start picking houses.

Iuchi Kazei – Expensive and high status. House facing the ruins of the castle. Former Hatamoto’s house.
Isawa Asano – Picks a house with a good vibe.
Shiba Ran – Functional. Not built for a family. Space
Akodo Tokaji – Defensible house near the road on the east side. One on the NE side on the drive.
Moto Bolodai – Defensible, on the road near the entry of the village. Captain of the guard’s house.
Hotaru – Find a carpenter’s house on the road to the Isawa Mori.
Smithy is well secluded

Teiko claims a house near the inn.
Peasants cluster close to town. Mother Azoku moves into a peasant house.

Grainary – No granary yet. Store in houses until granary is built. Will take about 5 weeks. Need 4 workers who are modestly competent. TN 25 to design it. Got a TN 30. Use the seasoned wood from the sawmill. Need a DC 15 crafting roll, raises reduce the week by a day. Four peasants will each provide +2 (for +8). Full time work during that time.
Week 1: save 2 days

Isawa Asano – finds shrines in bad shape, and holes where tori arches were. They’re not hard to build, but we don’t have red paint. TN 15 to design a tori arch (take raises to make it prettier). 3-4 days to build. TN 30 water to make lacquer. Have to find ritually important trees and fell them with appropriate rituals. Also will take a day to cleanse the shrine of Tsi Xin Guo, the fortune of steel. Finds trees for the first tori arch in about 3 days. Kaori the ronin shugenja is reconsecrating of the shrines of Inari and makes a big deal of the process. Checks in with Mother Azoku and she’s reasonably pleased. Few injuries.

4 Big Shrines that need Tori Arches
Woodcutters camp – Fortune of Paper
Road – Fortune of Travelers – DONE
Entrance to the Ontsen – Fortune of Vision.
Path up the Mountain – Place Spirit Yume No Yama – DONE

Akodo Tokaji and Shiba Ran hunt the Isawa Mori. They see the Badger Brothers and SIster out in the woods.

Moto Boladai – finds a barren spot in the fields. Peasants say that it’s likely a rock below the surface. He finds some kids playing with shiny black stone and takes it. It’s from the area where the buckwheat won’t grow. Iron Shou recognizes it as one of the three blessed substances, namely obsidian. Blood of the lord moon. Power but sinister effects.

Moto Boladai gets Hotaru because she knows about mining. She suggests going to Isawa Asano. He says he’ll commune with the spirits tomorrow. Kaori says maybe they should leave it be. However, it could be used to help save Otosan Uchi. Plus it’s expensive.

Iron Shou – takes the melted swords and identifies the swords as Shingon family blades. They were fine bladesmiths.

We’re 120 mi away from Kyuden Asako.

Harvest is about for 600 koku. Seed is set aside. 400 of that needs to be set aside for food. That’s all from the fields of buckwheat and soybeans. The peasants have little gardens and say that the area is suspiciously fertile.

90’ long, 40’ wide patch of bare earth. Isawa Asano summons up the spirit. “The one who is fated to follow my fate has come.” It was a drop of Lord Moon’s blood that fell to earth. It was subsumed into the molten core, but was spit back up. Says that Isawa Asano will be one if his vessels, will help him attain his final form, and meet his own doom. “If you are here the time is now.”

3 XP
+1 XP for the log
Thank you Paige for ramen.
Thank you DJ for desert.
Thank you Ben for whiskey.



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