Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 24 6/28/2017

The bandits demand Doji Bakuto and have no reason to let the rest of us go. Rather than submit to the bandits Doji Bakuto commits seppuku perfectly, and Asako Fumio takes his head. We wait in the road for peasants to come by.the illusion cloaking the thickets fades away, revealing a tiger trap. Isawa Mattyu strides over to talk to the air kami. The kami reveal that the horsewoman leader was called a psychopath, a murderous whore, and Kooga.

Shugenja looks like a distinctive man with scars down one side of his face. (Tanemono). Ronin shugenja, notoriously active on all sides of the clan war. Burned up by weird Dragon alchemy. Murdered Dragon prisoners out of hand. Scars attractive opponents.

The leader Kooga has some scars and a very plain faced. Resting rage face (Kuga).

We find out that all but one horse were illusions. Mark the trail where the ashigaru went into the bush.

When we get to Kyuden Asako, the gates are shut and a guard captain must be summoned. It’s Shiba Nakuto. He asks us questions to confirm our identity. An assassin was killed inside Isawa Shingen’s house, outside his chamber doors. It looked just like his secretary. When killed the body turned to ash. This happened 3 days ago, warning was sent 5 days ago.

When Shiba Hatchi gets home, a lovely young woman is singing his wife a funny song and playing the samisen. His wife is super chummy with the young woman and giggling. The young woman is very conscientious, and draws him a bath. His wife is convinced he is with the young woman and he has NEVER EVER seen her. His wife is mad and throws him out of the bedroom. He goes to sleep as the young woman sings him a song. In the morning, Shiba Hatchi and she come to the agreement that her name was Tsubaki.

Asako Fumio finds a young woman, a servant, poking around in her room. The woman says the chief servant has her carry a letter to Asako Fumio’s room and fluff it up for her return. She says she thinks it’s from Asako Fumio’s lover. A note in a somewhat familiar hand. I deny your charge that the baby is mine. It’s immensely insulting. It’s in a fancy calligraphy. She identifies it as Doji Bakuto’s hand.

Lady Ayame sees Shiba Fumiko. She got the message and warned Isawa Shingen.

Agasha Hotaka goes to check in with Yoritomo Nasue. The Yorotomo offer a formal friendship with the Agasha. Doji Inoue aggressively chats up Agasha Hotaka.

Isawa Mattyu got bills. LOTS of bills. 200 koku of bills.
Accepted: Yasuki Takai, Whole Crane delegation. Isawa Tsuko, Shinjo Todaji, Shiba Takeshi and Shiba Fumiko, Miya Haruka, Katsuki Jukoe, Bayushi Taka. Shosuro Ken, the Shosuro from the road. Shosuro Tasuya. The Shosuro have an open invitation.
Declined: Isawa Shingen, Asako declined – they have duties here.

Shiba Nakuto interviews us in the morning after his game of go. Asako Kaiten is there as well. The Crane are wroth, and we are told to stay in the area until the crane are satisfied.

Merchants assure Isawa Mattyu verifies that FUCKING TEIKO charged all the bills to Smoking Waters.

Ten days to the Bon festival. Courtiers are setting out in five days. Three days to get to Smoking Waters.

Lady Ayame takes her leave.

3 XP for Ben for dinner
1 XP for Ben for music
3 xp for Paige for sake
3 xp for DJ for fancy cookies



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