Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 13 1/18/17

Akodo's Fate

We start with the benevolent DBrain laying out how, upon losing his bet the Kappa immediately jumps towards Akodo Tokaji with the clear intent of feasting upon his flesh.

A brief discussion of whether Akodo breaks his word commenced, and was decided to still be able to go either way.

Akodo gets bitten by O Kappa O. He was willing to give his blood, but seemed unwilling to be eaten. Hotaru leaps to the lions defence, bowling the Kappa over but not damaging it despite a mighty wack. Then with glowing eyes Isawa san reads a spell from a scroll and the Kappa disappeared. isawa the reminded Akodo his debt was still present. Isawa throws the treasure of interest to the emporer back into the lake. Hotaru indicates she is unhappy with this whole situation, although she does not have any specific logical basis to stand on.

On the way back, Akodo discovers tracks of a samurai that went to visit the Kappa, and Hotaru remembers that she had found the corpse of a samurai at O Kappa’s lake. Everyone is surprised that she would forget such a thing but she does that. So they go back and find the starting of the Unicorn obsidian dig site.

Isawa starts talking to the monk about what the Kappa had told him (last session). Akodo rounded up some eta. Hotaru and Isawa told our spirit expert about the experience he was non plussed. He said we should stay away from water and could expect his allies to attack. We may be able to get a hold over him and relinquish all debts. He indicated that Hotaru and Isawa were both culpable in bet welching. (In O Kappas mind)

Hotaru, Akodo, and Shiba go back to the lake and retrieve the body. It had a shattered scimitar and a scroll tube. Hotaru touched stuff. Akodo looked at the scroll but it was in cipher. Hotaru protested. The body was safely brought back. Hotaru was eager to tell on Akodo even though he wasn’t being sneaky. The body was burned because we couldn’t get him to a unicorn in time. Prayers were said and a eulogy was said for the body. The body was big. Moto Chagati was the corpse based on Iuchi sans take on the chop. Hotaru protests again. The scroll is passed to Iuchi to translate. He promised on his honor to tell us if it concerned the village. Isawa thought that was a good idea. Shiba and Akodo tracked Chagati’s horse all the way to the west to plains that were pretty far away. Akodo thought to bring rope. The horse was found with Daikyu. Horse was secured successfully.

Isawa starts planning the expedition on the second day. Isawa doesn’t want us to dig up obsidian. Hotaru tries to get firework trade secrets from the fireworks people. There is a planning session for the spirit expedition. A baby is born! Iuchi goes and gives the peasant parents a gift of saki and unease. He is inspired.

We are all awakened at night. There are peasants looking around. They are wailing and the baby was taken. The mom is died. Some thing took the baby. Everyone went to look.
No baby corpse. It appears to clearly be an Okami. Iuchi thinks the baby was not killed. The door was not damaged, and may have been opened from the inside. Isawa asks Iuchi to talk to the husband. Onso, the husband, saw smoke come through the door, it turned into a wolf, Chie attacked it and got killed for his troubles and it left with the baby.

The tracks were followed into the forest. They indicate that the okami is probably heavily tainted. Apparently Hotaru had some Jade but managed to find it. Akodo is currently having his armor and stuff carried by the Badger brothers. Isawa cautions us about the danger. Hotaru thinks about breaking up the jade into various parts. We are currently deciding who will go after the baby. Shiba archer has made a strong case that some defenders remain.

1 xp for log
3 xp for the game
thanks Paige for dumplings
thanks Ben for Sake
thanks DJ for mochi



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