The Tranquility that Springs from the Union of Mind and Spirit, more commonly known as Tranquility, is a good-sized town midway between Kyuden Asako and Kyuden Isawa. It is a major trade hub, with large roads running east to Kyuden Isawa, west to Kyuden Asako, north to the villages along the edge of the Isawa Mori, and south to Shiro Shiba.

Tranquility is home to a garrison of Shiba bushi, housed in a walled barracks, and governed by an Isawa noble. As the hub of trade in the region, the town has a large number of shops, warehouses, and workshops to support the merchants passing through, as well as a pair of large, fine inns catering to the samurai traveling between the Isawa and Asako capitals.

Tranquility has seen a great boom in business lately, thanks in part to Isawa Zanpachi’s recent expulsion of entertainers and other low sorts from Kyuden Isawa. The success of the kabuki shows by a troupe of Shosuro actors has led to the construction of a permanent theater in Tranquility, overseen by Shosuro Tasuya.


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