Tenets of Bushido


Compassion (Jin)

It is the duty of the samurai to protect and guide the lesser folk of Rokugan. Some clans, like the Lion and Scorpion, see this as merely keeping their peasants alive and productive. Others, such as the Phoenix, believe they also have a duty to see to their spiritual well-being, as well.

Courage (Yu)

A samurai must face danger without fear, and be ready to die for their lord at a moment’s notice.

Courtesy (Rei)

A samurai behaves properly at all times. Rudeness and displays of emotion are shameful, and a proper samurai ignores rudeness or insult directed at them with courtesy and calm.

Duty (Chugo)

The samurai must always stand ready to serve their lord in whatever way is required. A samurai will endure not only death, but even shame and dishonor, if such is the will of their lord.

Honesty (Gi)

An honorable samurai should speak only the truth, and strive for justice as the highest form of truth.

Honor (Meyo)

Every samurai stands in judgment of their own character and behavior. A samurai follows the path of bushido guided by their own honor, even when surrounded by the weak and corrupt. Without honor, it is impossible to follow the other virtues as anything but a hollow shell, acting out the expectations of others.

Sincerity (Makoto)

A samurai’s words must reflect their conviction and dedication. A samurai’s actions must display their total commitment.

Tenets of Bushido

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