Scorpion Clan


The Scorpion were founded by the Kami Bayushi. They control lands south and east of the Spine of the World Mountains, largely self-sufficient but with a great deal of hidden valleys and secluded dales. The Scorpion serve as the Underhand of the Emperor, undertaking necessary tasks that it would be dishonorable for the Emperor to even contemplate ordering. The stereotypical Scorpion samurai is charming, clever, untrustworthy and utterly ruthless when it comes to accomplishing their goals.

The only virtue of the Bushido the Scorpion do not look upon with contempt is Duty, but they cling to that virtue with incredible fervor. There are few Scorpion who would not willingly lay down their lives to further the goals of the clan or the Emperor.

The Bayushi family trains cunning and skillful warriors, who are constantly alert for the slightest weakness in their foes or minute advantage in the field.

The Shosuro is a family of actors, who travel the Empire performing. They are also unmatched spies and assassins, with mastery of the arts of stealth and disguise.

The Soshi family of shugenja commands the kami with secret methods unknown to the other clans, with great talents for subterfuge and espionage.

The Yogo family are also shugenja, but an ancient curse on their bloodline keeps even other Scorpion wary and mistrustful.

Scorpion Clan

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