Phoenix Clan


The Phoenix Clan was founded by the Kami Shiba. It claims both the most and greatest shugenja among its ranks. More than any other Great Clan, the Phoenix strive to follow the Tao of Shinsei, and it is by far the clan most devoted to peace. The Phoenix rule the northeastern portion of the Empire, which includes the Great Wall of the North mountains, a stretch of rocky coastline, and the mysterious forest, the Isawa Mori. While their lands are fertile, long, hard winters limit their capacity for agriculture.

The Phoenix value Honesty above all other virtues of Bushido. Seeking the deepest truths of the universe is impossible for a soul stained by lies.

The Shiba family serves to guard and protect the true leaders of the clan, the shugenja of the Isawa family. At the clan’s founding, the Kami Shiba bowed at the feet of the Isawa leader and swore that he and his descendants would serve, and the family has maintained that trust ever since.

The Isawa family is the true power of the Phoenix Clan. It is led by the Five Elemental Masters, the most skilled shugenja in a family famed for the power and knowledge of its spell casters.

The Asako family is as much a monastic order as anything else, seeking wisdom in the Tao of Shinsei. They also act as a check on the curiosity of the clan’s shugenja, ensuring that any who delve to deeply into dark secrets do not fall to darkness themselves.

The Agasha family, formerly of the Dragon, study magic in wildly different ways from the traditional Isawa. They use alchemy and strive to blend the Elements together in new and exciting ways.

Phoenix Clan

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