Mantis Clan


The Mantis is the only clan that was not founded by a Kami. Rather, it was raised from its status as a Minor Clan after its service during the Clan War. The Mantis dwell in the Islands of Silk and Spice, where their vast navy is responsible for protecting Rokugan’s waters from any threat. They rival the Crane clan for sheer wealth, and are not afraid to leverage that wealth to achieve their aims. There is not really a stereotypical Mantis samurai, as the clan was forged from an alliance of several Minor Clans, but one thing that unites them all is the belief that “Fortune favors the mortal man,” as Shinsei wrote.

The Mantis do not tend to hold any virtue of Bushido in higher or lower regard than any other.

The Yoritomo lead the Mantis, with a flamboyant and self-confident style to all they do.

The Tsuruchi family are peerless archers, quiet and observant.

The Moshi family of shugenja are fairly conservative, often embarrassed by the Yoritomo’s outspoken ways.

The Kitsune have recently joined the Mantis, training scouts and shugenja with equal cunning.

Mantis Clan

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