Lion Clan


The Lion Clan was founded by the Kami Akodo. They are the foremost military power in Rokugan, marshaling vast armies that fight with unswerving bravery. Lion lands occupy the heart of the Empire, with broad, fertile plains that strain to feed the massive numbers of troops the Lion commands. The stereotypical Lion is haughty and quick to anger, dedicated to serving their lord and the Emperor above all else.

The Lion strive to uphold all the virtues of Bushido, but tend to value Honor the most. Lion have a tendency to disdain Compassion and Courtesy as weakness.

The Akodo family leads the clan, its schools producing great generals and tacticians.

The Matsu are the fearless warriors of the clan, charging headlong into battle heedless of danger. They would rather die than suffer the slightest stain on their honor.

The Ikoma are the historians and courtiers of the clan, sustaining the Lion’s honor with tales of their greatest heroes. They represent the Clan in court by using their faultless honor to compel less noble courtiers to emulate proper behavior.

The Kitsu serve as the Lion shugenja. They have a strong connection to the spirit world, thanks to their founders’ marriages to mysterious beings from other realms.

Lion Clan

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