Dragon Clan


The Dragon clan was founded by the Kami Togashi. They dwell in the northern mountains, where they have great mineral wealth, but little arable land, forcing them to trade for the bulk of their food. The Dragon are considered quite odd by the rest of Empire, with strange ways and philosophies. The stereotypical Dragon is enigmatic and stoic, as much monk as samurai

The Dragon value Sincerity, but encourage its samurai to explore the tenets of Bushido by following their own path.

The Togashi are more a monastic order than proper family. They dedicate themselves to achieving enlightenment through spiritual and physical perfection, and have discovered many strange abilities and techniques as a result of these practices.

The Mirumoto family handles the day-to-day business of the clan, allowing the Togashi to focus on higher pursuits. They practice an unusual style of swordsmanship which uses both the katana and the wakizashi at the same time.

The Kitsuki family represents the Dragon at court, using their passion for logic and deduction to gain advantage over their rivals. While the results of such flights of fancy are not as valued as personal testimony, the Kitsuki have a reputation for being skilled and dedicated magistrates nonetheless.

The Tamori family provides the Dragon clan shugenja their training. They took up the role after the Agasha family abandoned the Dragon for the Phoenix Clan, a slight which still rankles.

Dragon Clan

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