Crane Clan


The Crane family was founded by the Kami Doji. They rule most of the coastline of the Empire, with prosperous farmlands and wealthy trade cities. They hold their duty to be the protection and expression of Rokugani arts, culture and etiquette, and are among the foremost courtiers in the Empire. The Crane are not especially warlike, but their bushi are among the finest duelists in the land, as the Crane prefer to settle disputes with champions rather than open warfare. The stereotypical Crane is cultured and graceful, never allowing threats or rudeness to disturb their serene calm.

The Crane tend to value Courtesy above the other virtues of Bushido.

The Doji family leads the clan, using their political acumen and shrewd mercantile skills to leverage their wealth and prestige.

The Kakita family produces some of the finest duelists and artisans in Rokugan.

The Daidoji family, or “Defender of the Doji,” are the most warlike of the Crane families. They serve as bodyguards to other members of the clan, and form the bulk of the Crane’s military forces.

The Asahina family is a family of shugenja, descended from a renegade Phoenix who joined the Crane centuries ago.

Crane Clan

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