Crab Clan


The Crab clan was founded by the Kami Hida. Their lands are the southern border of Rokugan, where they serve as the bulwark against the threat of the Shadowlands. The Crab are used to near-constant warfare, and favor heavy armor and massive weapons. The stereotypical Crab samurai is a large, rude bully, with little interest in social graces.

The Crab tend to value Duty and Courage above all other virtues.

The Hida family produces the most powerful warriors on the Emerald Empire. Their warrior school provides training to endure the fearsome power of Shadowlands monsters, and the use of heavy weapons to crack the hard carapaces of such dread beasts.

The Hiruma family trains its bushi as scouts, nimble and clever enough to spy on their enemies in the Shadowlands while resisting its ever-present taint. Hiruma lands were lost to the Shadowlands centuries ago, but the family still strives to regain their ancient castle.

The Kaiu are a family of great engineers and craftsmen, responsible for building and maintaining the Great Carpenter Wall which protects the Empire from the Shadowlands.

The Kuni family are shugenja who are dedicated to studying the Shadowlands and its denizens to better combat them. Their investigations into such unsavory subjects have earned them a reputation for madness and corruption, one that is not entirely unearned as their exposure to the Shadowlands Taint has driven more than one onto the road to wickedness.

The Yasuki family, once part of the Crane clan, are wily merchants and skillful politicians, serving the interests of the Crab at court while the bulk of the clan focuses on keeping the Shadowlands threat contained.

The Toritaka family have only recently joined the Crab, and specialize in tracking and neutralizing spirits and monsters that manage to slip past the Crab’s notice.

Crab Clan

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