Blue Well


Blue Well is a mid-sized village near Lost Traveler Castle, in Kougen Province. It is responsible for supplying food and labor to the provincial daimyo’s court, and is the center of trade for the province. The village gets its name from the blessed well in the center of the village, which always provides cold, pure water even in the deadliest drought.

Blue Well has been all but abandoned during the Clan War, with a meager few peasants clinging to the land. Most of the buildings were burned during a raid by Dragon early in the Clan War, and there haven’t been enough villagers to rebuild more than a few rough shelters.

A young shugenja, Isawa Junko, has been tasked with rebuilding Blue Well, as well as overseeing the restoration of Lost Traveler Castle in preparation for the return of a new provincial daimyo, once that has been settled at winter court. She is joined by her husband, Shiba Keichi, and nearly a dozen other samurai.

Blue Well

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