The Compassion that Springs from the Universal Connection of the Souls of Mortals, more commonly known as Compassion, is a small village east of Kyuden Asako, along the trade road to Kyuden Isawa. It serves as a layover for merchant caravans traveling between the Asako and Isawa capitals, with little else to recommend it.

During the Clan War, Compassion was home to a large supply depot, providing food and weapons for Phoenix forces in the south. Now, the quartermasters and teamsters have moved on, and only the farmers and craft folk remain.

Asako Jubei serves as the town marshal, aided by a dozen veteran budoka. He is a grizzled older man, a veteran of many battles in the south.

A new addition to the village is the House of Ten Thousand Remedies, an herbalist shop run by a Unicorn called Doctor Han.


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