Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Smoking Waters
a chronicle of rebirth

The Clan War has finally ended. A Miya herald has arrived at Kyuden Asako to announce that Fu Leng has been destroyed and his army of Shadowlands monsters defeated. Akodo Toturi has been named Emperor Toturi I, and the grace of the heavens once again shines on the Emerald Empire.

This is welcome news for a land that has been ravaged by war for years. While there is still much to be done to restore the Empire to prosperity, all are relieved to know that the Celestial Order has been restored.

The Phoenix have been nearly wiped out by the Clan War, and there have been persistent, if faint, rumors speculating that it would be stripped of its status as a Great Clan. In order to stave off such a calamity, the leaders of the clan have ordered that all efforts be turned to rebuilding and repopulating Phoenix lands. As part of this effort, a dozen young samurai have been given the duty of resettling an abandoned village, known as Smoking Waters.

Province Creation - Session 0
History of Smoking Waters

Defense 19
Some cultivation, presence of a keep or smaller stronghold with a few roads, rivers, or ports.
Influence 17
Maximum Lord’s Status 3. A greater landed gentry samurai or the equivalent.
Lands 15
A small stretch of land.
Law 14
Lawlessness and banditry are a problem along the fringes of your lands.
Population 10
Thinly populated. Tiny settlements are scattered throughout your lands.
Power 37
A trained force of soldiers, including cavalry and possibly ships. You may have the service of a banner house.
Wealth 18
Poor. The people of the province have little excess. While they are able to sustain themselves and their holdings, they do not live in luxury and problems such as unusually high taxes or banditry are a burden.

History of Smoking Waters
Ascent – Isawa Shugenja found cure for Cataracts among the many hot springs throughout the land around Smoking Waters.
Scandal – Maho tsukai preying upon the the patients. She used a potent curse hidden in the cure to see through the eyes of the cured, and to learn their secrets.
Decline – rumors of the maho tsukai were not contained, and many tales circulated about the town to cause it to lose favor. Rival businesses also scooped up land from many long-standing families, forcing them out.
Victory – A shugenja visited the haunted woods to wipe away the curse of the kansen that the potent maho tsukai had brought upon the land. As part of the cleansing, the spirits became well-inclined to protect the land and its people as long as a pact is maintained.
Glory – One of the samurai born in the town won the Emerald championship and became a well-respected Emerald Champion.
Defeat – The town was a besieged and claimed by the Lion during the clan war, and was only returned following Imperial decree.

Session 1 10/5
In Which We (Mostly) Become Gentry

Third Day of the Month of the Monkey 1129

Rumors abound!
MANTIS have come to Phoenix lands worth food and tools
Parcels of land are being auctioned off.
Shiba Fumiko has arranged for Shiba Hachi (Paige) to go on a mission. Fumiko is the darling of the court.

All of our Phoenix characters are called to meet Asako Nisobu. As we enter, another group of Phoenix samurai leave with a scroll and are bursting with excitement. She tells us of a small village on the far side of Isawa mori, which was abandoned at the start of the clan war. The records of it were destroyed during the clan war.

We have been ordered to take a contingent of refugees there to resettle the village. There is barely enough food to get through the winter, so it is very important that we get the refugees out. Shiba Kasai (Bryan) is named leader of the group, andIsawa Matyu (Ron) is named his second and spiritual guide. It is also critical that Isawa Matyu determine the pact that was set with the spirits of the Isawa Mori.

Asako Fumiyo and Shiba Hachi are put in charge of defense of the town. Together, we gain 8 points of Gentry – a small village!

After that, we realize that Shiba Ran (DJ) did not get a duty or a point of gentry.

We find a quiet spot and open the scroll. The scroll is a writ giving is everyone duty, and making Shiba Ran a follower of Shiba Kasai. Our tax levy is 2,000 Koku in the month of the Rooster (DB: sorry, this should be by the Bon Festival, the last day of the Month of the Dog).

In addition, there is a draft of 250 Koku of supplies for us to spend.

Shiba Kasai went to find out where it is by asking them.
Shiba Hachi went to speak to Asako Fumiyo’s family with a request for information from the architects. He speaks with Asako Shinai.

Asako Fumiyo went to speak to Hachi’s brother Sakomoto, who is speaking with a Miya about getting some imperial maps to replace burned maps. She convinces him to seek out information in a couple days. He is giddy.

Isawa Matyu goes to the libraries to find a geographer of Phoenix lands. He gets a couple names – Shiba Hataroshi and Shiba Takeshi. (DB: should be Takagi, Shiba Takeshi is the powerful Shugenja Matyu spoke with later)

Shiba Ran goes to find the Unicorn, and meets Shinjo Tadaji to ask about Smoking Waters. He tells her that Utaku Chien-do is in charge of the scouts, and she will be back later tonight. Shiba Ran stays there and tells stories of Mantis lands, and asks them about their horse bows.

Shiba Hachi goes to speak to his wife about leaving soon for Smoking Waters. She decides she is going to ponder.

Isawa Matyu goes to pray and runs into Shiba Takeshi, who says Smoking waters is far to the north in mountainous country. There is a castle nearby, kitamihari. The hot springs were at one time very luxurious. Shiba Takeshi alluded to the water kami of that area being particularly headstrong. There was also once a good road headed that way. We think Smoking Waters to be here-ish:


We end with Asako Fumiyo going to meet Shiba Ran with the Unicorn.

Bryan gained 3 points of Gentry.
Ron gained 2 points of gentry.
Jack, Paige, and Ben gained 1 point of Gentry each.

Everyone got 3 xp (plus 1 for this log).

Session 2 10/12

Third day of the month of the monkey. 1129

Eighth day is the Setsuban Harvest festival. Start of harvest season.

Month of the Rooster.

Middle of the month of the Dog – winter hits.

Last day of the month of the Dog (2 months hence). End of the harvest season. Paper lantern festival Bon Festival-DB. Clean up graves. Rememberance festival. March of the dead – hang lanterns to guide the dead to the realm of the esteemed ancestors. Put the lanterns in the river to guide souls to the afterlife. Fireworks and parades.

Some urgency to get the peasants out before winter (not a requirement).

Shinjo Todaji, Goldfeather the eagle. Make a somewhat favorable impression. Mention that the horses are eating more grain than they can afford.

Utaku Chien-Do – Battle leader, not here.

Utaku Chiei & brother – Great watch tower was unmanned (at that time). Roads and bridges in okay condition – still needs some work.

5 days to northern watch tower. Sweeping on patrol. Says she could do it one day with two remounts.

(Paige remember to put the map on the map section.)

Kitamahari – Aoijiroi Province. Northern Watchtower. (Now up on the wiki.) Very old, bastion against the Yobanjin raiders. Changed hands several times in the clan wars. Currently unmanned.

Travel and stay with peasants each night.

Find the tower. Dead shiba bushi. Find his daisho, and letters to his wife. Burn him, and keep remains.

Setsuban Festival in the Village of Nesting Swallow. Say that the tower was abandoned 2 years ago. They say that wealthy and important folk would stay here on the way to Smoking Waters. This is Aljoroi province, and Smoking Waters is in a Kogen Province. Next village north is Starry Pond (in Kogen Province). Kogen Province is ruled from Lost Traveller castle where the Kogen province daimyo resides. Except there is no current daimyo. (That might get decided at Winter Court). The castle is to the west. Smoking Waters is to the north.

Forest is expanding. Hunting yields fowl and a boar. Wolves eat entrails that night. The road is poorly maintained, potholed, and washed out. Isawa Mori is about a mile off to the right. Cone shaped mountain in a long green valley. Broad well-made road goes into town, and then west toward Lost Traveller. River comes down from the mountain and goes into the Isawa Mori.

Cluster of larger buildings near base of mountain. 40 structures. Fields with small groups of huts (maybe 100 or so). Massive swarms of small birds erupt out of the golden and green fields of buckwheat. (Good for noodles!) And fields of soybeans. Looks like they are growing really well. 600 koku worth of grain available. That’s 50 samurai for a year, or maybe a hundred or more peasants. Large sprawling structure halfway up the mountain. See smoke coming from it. (Steam from the springs?) Large burned down structure – probably a small castle. The peasant huts are pretty nice, relatively sturdy, and contain some furnishings. 40 homes for samurai, many are quite nice. Some abandoned in haste, but many were not. Find daisho stands, but no weapons. Stone paved central square. Really big inn – 100 guests. Teahouse. Clothing shop. Religious knick-nacks. Looks like the doors were forced in and the shops looted. Several stables behind the inn.

Make our way up the stone path – smell a weird smell like fireworks. Smell rotting fruit – cherries and plum trees line the path. Plums are sour, but cherries are sweet with large stones. The trees are about 9 ft tall. Were once carefully tended, but are now growing wild. Not as much fruit as there should be. What’s eating it? Looks like toddlers have been consuming the fruit. Raccoons? Monkeys? Spirits?

Path follows stream up the mountain. Artfully arranged stream parallels the path. Pools and small waterfalls. Find a hot spring onsen (hot spring resort). Hear a weird noise over the chatter of the river. Scare some monkeys out of a pool. Chain of pools coming down the mountain, the higher pools are hotter. The front of the building is fine – the back is torn up. Doors busted, shoji torn, full of monkey leavings. Tatters of wall hangings and scrolls. Scratched up teak furniture. Six big buildings, and six small buildings.

6 days back to Morning Glory Castle.

The unicorn go back for peasants.

Thank you Ben for food 3 points.
Thank you DJ for dessert and chopsticks 3 points.
Thank you Jack for sake 3 points.
Thank you Ben for music 1 point.


Open in new tab to see full size.

Session 3 10/19

Town has space for:
150-200 peasants
30 samurai families
1 inn
10 shops (2x teahouse, tailor, smithy, religious gift shop,

East side of the mountain.
Timber house, rusty saws and axes. 10 cords of wood.
Paper making house. Really nice. Shrine to lesser fortune of paper, and local spirits. Picnic areas and gardens.

On the west side – large facility with stinky vats. Very peasanty. Potsherds and ripped cloths sacks.

Soshuro Atsushi takes good notes.

In town, the burned out structure. Stone foundation. Castle of whomever the lord was. Granaries were also burned. Two wells but they’re collapsed with rubble. Public well/fountain in town is still functional (but not a fountain). Some wells in the peasant areas.

Next to the highest, hottest spring there is small shrine to the lesser fortune of vision. There boiling water from beneath, and there are stone benches in there. Monkeys didn’t come here. The path up to the onsen is big enough to walk five abreast. Past the top pool, the path is much more primitive, one person wide, and goes up the mountain. It’s a hard walk, but there are gorgeous overlooks over the land. We can also see Kitamari. Get above the treeline. The path ends at a cave mouth. Shredded tattered prayer flags. Ink or paint faded around the cave mouth. Path continues in. Cave faces south. Can see Isawa Mori, northern watch. Warm air smelling of sulfur exhales from the mouth. Cave worked slightly to make it more accessible. Once we lose sunlight, we can see a faint red glow ahead. See patch of wall with a red glowing glyph. There is a stone patio/balcony where the glyph is and the terminus of the trail. See prayer flags and paper amulets around the rune. Maybe incense was burned here? Looks like a typical shrine to a place-kami. The kami is probably a powerful spirit. The glyph is made out of many smaller glyphs, likely in the language of the kami. Needs a shugenja.

See a large open space ahead with muted sunlight. Floor is smooth and glossy black glass – there’s something glowing deep under it. There is a lot of heat coming off the floor. We return to Smoking Waters, and Shosuro Atsushi kills one of the monkeys. Shiba Kasai hunts grouse for dinner. Shiba Ran helps take notes.

There’s a one acre fallow field.

There is a notable lack of Torii arches in the village.


Asako Fumiyo meets with Shiba Sakimoto, a cartographer (Shiba Hachi’s brother). He gives her a map and asks her to update the roads, and says he will consider it a favor. Miya Harukia comes up and Asako Fumiyo leaves.

Agasha Hotaka is getting his people ready to travel. 84 Agasha peasants, mountain farmers, who are ready to go. The refugee camp is 3,000-4,000 people. He goes to talk toIsawa Matyu to ask for money for food for them. They send for Doji Bakuto. The Doji gets an appointment with Shiba Kotoko, the quartermaster. She is an earnest young woman that wants to advance in the bureaucracy, and hates lions because they murdered her family. Matsu, particularly.

Asawa Toshiji is in charge of space at the castle. Doji Bakuto draws him aside. Doji Bakuto is trying to get better space for us. He discovers that Asawa Toshiji wants as many peasants out of the castle as possible. He is hustling to get to a meeting with Asako Kaiten in the garden. Gets the Smoking Waters delegation set up in the Cherry Blossom Room. It’s on the southern side of the castle. Well appointed. Low lacquered table and stools. Biwa nearby. Close but not too close to main court. View across the gardens.

Actual castle, Smoking Waters Castle. Built 350 years ago, in stone turtle style. High foundation, to hold off footman and cavalry. Vulnerable to fire, have shugenja there to control fire. Elegant style. Lends itself to ornamentation. Slate or tile roof. Built to withstand harsh winters. Large hot springs resort. Must be very fine and we should expect a wealthy village. Large inn. Destination for the wealthy who were ill. Particularly those with blindness.

Isawa Asano starts gathering supplies to clean shrines and reconsecrate them. Prayer wheels, incense, scrolls, and the like.

Asako Fumiyo, Agasha Hotaka, Isawa Matyu, Isawa Asano. Asako Fumiyo has a pretty good map of Kogen Province. Shiba Hatchi is excited about the prospect.

Agasha Hotaka is going to get more peasants. Stops in the blacksmith’s shop. Tries to recruit a blacksmith. Iron Shou is the blacksmith’s name. Has four sons. Goes to the Plum Blossom Teahouse. Meets Madame Yuki. She remembers a demand for hospitality services there. She mentions Ichii as the peacekeeper of the teahouse. She has 15 servants. Mother Izoku (grief), skilled herbalist. A nun of shinsei, she doesn’t know which order. Wears red robes and a veil.

Some recognize Ichii as a ronin duelist – yojimbo for hire. Protected high status people during peace talks at neutral locations.

Doji Bakuto and Asako Fumiyo are going to the quartermaster. Dangle the idea of her having a hot springs vacation to hob not for the elite.
We lock in this rate – 4 peasants/ 1 month/ 1 koku. 50 koku for 200 peasants per month.

Could use

Day before the Setsuban festival there is a buzz of rumors that there are 3 members of the phoenix nobility are incoming. The clan champion has decreed that they will be the daimyos of the unsettled areas. This is what Winter Court is going to be all about!

3 XP
1 log

Thank you DJ for the scorpion cookies.
Thank you Ron for sake.
Thank you Paige for music.
Thank you Ben for beef sushi (has at least two more weeks of food) and sake.

Paige – remember:

Session 4 - 10/26/16
In which we find more about the potential daimyo

We decide to focus on Kyuden Asako until we send our group north.

Mother grief, the nun.
Smith – Iron Shao
Madam Yuki (and 12 men and ladies) and Ichi

Setsuban Festival is coming up
Word around the court is that Asako Nisobu has pulled out all the stops since it is the end of the war, and the beginning of the harvest. Word is there will be a parade and celebration, and handouts for the peasants. There will be a number of celebrations and challenges for the samurai in the castle.

To do – find out if we take the peasants before the setsuban festival, and can give the peasant freebies to our peasants to increase loyalty / morale. We work out the time to be that we do not have time before the recon team comes back to get them going.

The Phoenix kuge have arrived, three noble people who will be provincial daimyos for the vacated seats.

Isawa Matyu goes forth to rank up, spending five hours a day for the next week copying spells.

Fumiyo asks around and finds out that there are four challenges, none of which are bugei. A poetry, dance, painting, and a game of kemari. All of them will be the same day.

Isawa Matyu finds out there is a shugenja competition at the

Shiba Hachi goes to find out what he can about the daimyos. He finds out about the following running for Kougen province:
Isawa Shingen is a grim warrior and general. He has no major victories or defeats to his name during the Clan War. Since returning, he has thrown himself into administrative duties. We also find out that he saved Toturi from an oni attack, but is a cautious general. He is more of an administrator than a fighter. His wife was left behind at Kyuden Isawa, and will be coming in the next few weeks. He has a few grown children.
Isawa Tsuko is a veteran diplomat, recently returned from the imperial court where she served for 22 years. She is very personable and outgoing. Hachi also finds out: she has a lot of friends and is very good at avoiding trouble. She has not been in Phoenix lands in early fifteen years. She is a widow, and was married to a Seppun general who died fifteen years ago (before the clan war). She is very popular, life of the party kind of person when younger, and now is pleased to host parties. She enjoys a good smoke.
Isawa Togama is a renowned artist, known as a poet and calligrapher. A bit of an enigma, and during the war made a reputation as a peacemaker. Blames himself for the clan war going for ten long years. Hachi also finds out: he traveled from court to court. When he comes to court, people remark that he is pale and ill, and is known to disappear for times to work on his art. He focuses on epic poems. We also find out that

Fumiyo spends time with her sensei, Kakita Ikura, in the ways of the duelist.

When Hachi returns, he is invited to an audience with Isawa Tsuko.
He finds that servants are decorating the area, and a lot of servants are unpacking many boxes. As he arrives, there is a dragon samurai leaving and she is smoking and lounging. She immediately asks why he is asking about her marital status. He spills the beans, and she says she is not seeking a husband.

Isawa Asano goes around to the various shrines asking after Mother Grief, then goes to the refugee camp along with Isawa Matyu and Asako Fumiyo. They head to The Plum Blossom tea house. Fumiyo buys a nice tobacco to go, to later share with Isawa Tsuko.

Madame Yuki arrives to speak with us. We pay her a small amount to arrange a meeting with Sister Grief. While we wait, we find out the following:
There are a few clan samurai here
There are three raucous ronin who madame Yuki does not quiet them very much
Ichi is well-respected by the ronin who come by

The raucous ronin come to speak to us, calling themselves the badger brothers (and sister). They are very skilled archers and scouts, and very familiar with Phoenix lands.
A ronin shugenja comes to ask us a question, about ronin being able to join the isawa family after the four other elemental masters are chosen. Kaori is her name.

Hotaru the carpenter ronin comes to speak with us, and would prefer to build housing rather than help rebuild the castle.

Madame Yuki arrives to tell us that Mother Grief is helping to deliver a baby. Isawa Asano wishes to go see if we are needed.

Fumiyo buys a pouch of nice tobacco for a bu, and stays behind at the tea house while Isawa Matyu and Isawa Asano go to the birth. They distract the father to be until the new baby is born. Isawa Asano speaks to her once she emerges from the peasant hut, and makes her an initial offer. Since she has just helped to deliver a child, she asks to speak with him another time. Asano’s plan is for her to meditate on our offer until the real meeting.

As Matyu and Asano are heading back, they realize they are being followed. Isawa Matyu lights himself up with fires of purity, and the badger sister helps them get back to the Plum Blossom. They return before Fumiyo has left, and together we return back to the castle.

Hachi tries to set up a meeting with Shiba Fumiko, and arranges a meeting in the gardens to listen to the nightingale. Fumiko is invited to a special meeting with Asako Nisobu to judge a tea ceremony on the night of the setsuban festival. As they walk, they run into two crane – and there is a battle of words between Doji Inoue and Shiba Fumiko. It seems to be a draw. Doji Inoue seems to be more interested in winning.

Hachi tells Fumiko about Smoking Waters. He also asks her for recommendations about which daimyo to support, but she does not know of which to support yet.

We fast forward a couple days to the setsuban festival, which has its own wiki page. It is a day where it is forbidden to shed blood.

The poetry competition begins at dawn, with the poems being written about the rise of a new dawn of a peaceful empire. It takes place on the eastern wall of the castle. Isawa Matyu, Isawa Asano, and Doji bakuto are joined by Akodo Fuma, Bayushi Taka, Doji Inoue, Kitsuki Jakui, Kaiu Nasue are also there to compete.

In attendance to watch are a lot of people. Isawa Togama is the surprise judge! He looks very thin and has heavy bags under his eyes.

Doji Bakuto insults the lion with his poem.
Bayushi Taka insults the crane with his poem, and it is implied he is going to nail Doji Inoue.
Doji Inoue throws shade and scandal with her poem.

That concludes the poetry competition, and there will be another hour or so before the

General consensus is that:
Doji Bakuto and Akodo Fuuma are in the lead.
Isawa Matyu and Kaiu Nasume embarrassed themselves. They bond over their poor performance. Kitsuki Jakuei came up to start asking Isawa Matyu all kinds of questions after the competition.

Asako Kaiten will judge the dance competition in the courtyard, next week!

3 XP for the week
1 XP for this log

3 XP for Ron for sake
3 XP for Ben for bao
3 XP for Paige for making Smoking Waters pheasant soup
3 XP for DJ for matcha cookies

1 XP for Ben for providing music

Session 5 11/2

In the wake of the poetry contest, Doji Bakuto and Akodo Fuuma, have covered themselves in honor. Shiba Hachi and Asako Fumiyo do some serious sleuthing and find out the rumors of a kamari contest can be traced back to Bayushi Taka. It’s likely false. Therefore the rumor Shiba Hachi heard of a tea ceremony contest at moonrise are likely true…

Agasha Hotaka goes to gather more peasants.

Asako Nisobo, Asawa Toshibi there with a very old man (Asako Kaiten, headmaster emeritus of the Asako courtier school.) Asako Chukage the monk is there. Agasha Hotaka does extremely well.

Akodo Fuuma in the lead. Doji Bakuto, Doji Inoue, Agasha Hotaka are close behind (mainly because Agasha san crushed it).

Kaiu Nasume is injured. Gets bullied by Yasuki Takai. Shiba Hachi chats her up. Sets her up for tea with Shiba Hatchi’s mother (the architecture historian). She doesn’t care for Yasuki Takai. He took this posting to get closer to Shiba Tsukimi. Shiba Hachi tries to convince her to come visit up north to Smoking Waters.

Painting competition. Yasuki Takai is angry that Shiba Hachi is hanging out with Kaiu Nasume. Bayushi Taka paints duelists, but there is a woman in the background sniffing a flower. Kaiu Nasume paints a battle scene, but with a bird’s nest peacefully on the other side. Yasuki Takai drags off Kaiu Nasume by the arm, but Doji Bakuto calls him out on it and the crowd is astonished. Yoritomo Kakeko has a big laugh.

Shiba Hachi gives out 3 bu of free sake, Asako Fumiyo gives out 3 bu of free saki.

Doji Inoue is really rattled when she finds out Shiba Fumiko is judging it since they hate each other. She and her husband nearly draw steel on the smirking Bayushi Taka. Kitsuki Jakuei does very well. Kaiu Nasume breaks a glass.

Akodo Fuuma won, and won the brush of a famous Phoenix warrior and peace delegate.

+1 glory for Doji Bakuta, Agasha Hotaka, Asawa Asano, Asako Fumiyo
-1 glory to Asawa Matyu

4 days pass

Meet Asako Bolodai and Iuchi Kazai return. 7-10 days on foot. Tales of buckwheat and soybeans growing wild. Could be 600 koku in the harvest. Hear about the town. Need tools, materials, a carpenter, and so on.

“His deadliest weapon is other people’s gold.” Said of Iuchi Kazai.

200 peasants, 50 koku a month

Iuchi Kazai recruits Hotaru the ronin carpenter, then Iron Shou and his sons. He brags on his ability to craft swords and armor, but says he is competent in all forms of smithy. He’s not only strong, but quick witted.

Asawa Mattyu asks Shiba Takeshi about ronin joining shugenja. He’s not opposed to the idea. Must be vetted. They need ability and bushido. Kaoru the ronin is a candidate.

In Smoking Waters – scarecrows torn down on the night of the full moon. Footprints of a very large ape around Shosuro Atsushi’s house.

3 XP for session
1 XP for the log

Thank you Ben for music, 1 XP
Thank you DJ for soup, 3 XP
Thank you Ben for sake, 3 XP
Thank you Paige for mochi, 3 XP

(Paige, remember you spent 6 XP on investigation)

Session 6 11/9

Meet with Mother Azoku. She has conditions. We have to listen to her advice and don’t break up families. She suggests that the woodcutters are afraid of the Isawa Mori and that there’s a rumor it’s haunted. She says that a Monk of the Thousand Temples, Teiko, in the Lucky 8 Cricket dice house might know more.

Agasha Hotaka tracks the rumor down to Madame Yuki. She says that everyone knows the woods are haunted.

Find the monk in a room full of drunk samurai. Maybe he’s for real, maybe he’s a drunk. Shiba Hatchi almost believes him, and is going to punt it off to Iuchi Kazai.

Agasha Hotaka and Isawa Asano find a dice cheat that was beaten up and his dice cracked. Would take a good eye to find the cheat, and a strong hand to crack the die. Isawa wants to heal the commoner. Shiba Hatchi nopes out. Agasha Hotaka and Isawa Asano save the peasant’s ass using magic and he’s forever grateful.

3% of logging and/or papermaking profit (after taxes and everything else). He will stick to a schedule, in exchange for room and board, booze, and time with his apprentice. Suggest recruiting eta.

When we buy rice, gain 50 koku from Golden Huei. Nesting Swallow and Blue Well have been chosen to be patronized by young samurai. The samurai in charge of Blue Well was rude to Golden Huei. He wants to know where their staging grounds are.

Get the rice and deliver it as needed.

Isawa Goemon, Asako courtier. Glad that Nesting Swallow is away from Isawa Mori. Isawa Mori has bloodthirsty spirits. Married a dragon bushi recently.

Isawa Asano finds out that the Saru (monkey) tribe inhabit the forest near Smoking Waters. Standard agreement of clothes and jewelry (gaudy) in exchange for staying out of the area in sight of a tori arch. They’re very straightforward. Don’t give them alcohol.

Need farmers and eta. Get more carpenters and master farmers. Maybe a mason. Charcoal burners. Prospectors.

Pair of young phoenix visited Shinjo Todaji. Wagons delivered to a certain warehouse in town. In three days, they’re to bring horses. He’s happy to help how ever he can. He will allow the Blue Well Phoenix to travel with them to Smoking Waters, and then take the yurts to Blue Well. Will supply 20 wagons and patrols to Smoking Waters. Must check in with Utaku Chiendo.

Utaku Chiendo will come by about weekly until summer is over, and maybe once a month during the winter. May have to stable horses for a courier service.

Iron Shou wants a mason and charcoal burners. Hotaru wants a half dozen carpenters and 50 koku of tools.

20 woodcutters, 3 carpenters, 3 prospectors, 3 stone masons, 6 charcoal burners, 3 woodcutters

-10 koku spent on bribes

8 whores worth of gaudy kimonos and jewelry for offerings to the monkeys.

3 XP for the game
1 XP for the adventure log

Thank you Paige for glass noodles.
Thank you Ben for sake.
Thank you DJ for mochi.

Session 7 11/16

And no shit, there we were…

Six people in peasant clothes, scarves over their faces, and with big backpacks rush up out of the darkness. They gut Fumiyo but Isawa Mattyu’s spell heals her. They take down Isawa Asano, and one of Golden Hand Huei’s men (Sticks). They have an archer that’s also shooting at us from the darkness. We win at great cost. The fallen bandit is stabilized.

Shiba bushi show up, and eta to take care of the bodies. Kitsuki Jakuei shows up with his yojimbo, Mirumoto Yoma-shi. Shiba Nakano (Phoenix commander) shows up.

“I’m glad you’re safe my friend, but the worthier investment has been damaged!”

The archer must have been a ronin samurai – very precise shots. The peasants were ex-ashigaru. The fallen bandit is shot and killed on the way to the castle.

8 shiba guards will be there all day. Iuchi Kazei is summoned. This is now his problem. He sends a message to Golden Hand Huei.

Shiba Hachi, Asoko Fumiyo, Isawa Asano, and Moto Bolodai each earn 2 pips of glory. 6 pips of honor for the fighters.

4 XP from the game
1 XP for the log

Thank you Ben for dinner
Thank you DJ for cookies
Thank you Ron for plum wine
Thank you Paige for sake
Thank you Paige for the thrilling fight soundtrack

Session 8 11/23

The Badger Sister (Fang), introduces Isawa Mattyu to Kaori and Mattyu hires the shy and reticent Ronin Shugenja. She really wants to join the Phoenix, and Isawa Mattyu says that there could be a way for Ronin Shugenja to join the family.

Doji Bakuto recieves a plain woman bushi in Dragon and Phoenix colors. She has tattoos like ivy in winter. Miramoto Tomoe (wife of Isawa Goemon), wants to go on part of the journey to Nesting Swallow. Wants to be friendly. Has tattoos from Osawano-Wo. Isawa Mattyu invites her along, and when Doji Bakuto mentions someone is saying our peasants are going to be eaten, she offers to ask her husband about it. Isawa Mattyu encourages Isawa Asano to get to know Tomoe. Isawa Mattyu puts Moto Bolodai in charge for the journey.

The next morning everyone shows up. Tomoe, Mother Azoko, Iron Shou (and sons), Teiko the Monk (and apprentice), Badger Brothers (and sister), Kaori and 200 peasants. Peasant clicques. Dragons, farmers, charcoal burners.

Unicorn show up with ox-carts and about 11 bushi, Moto Reiko is in charge.

Started with 250 Koku, spent about 75.

Isawa Mattyu knows the mountain in Smoking Waters is called “Yume no Yama”, the mountain that dreams.

In Smoking Waters, Akodo Tokaji, Shiba Kasai, Shiba Ran, and Shosuro Atsushi track the big monkey into the Isawa Mori. The trees shift from cedars to pines. Find a tree split at the bottom like it’s got legs, and the tracks go to the tree and disappear. The tree is 50’ across. THe middel is a tunnel. Very quiet, no breeze, no animal noises. Nothing happens. Maybe need a key or a certiain time.

When we get back, we find three Yobanjin raiders. They say they want peace, and Shiba Kasai agrees. He tells them about the news of the empire. The yobanjin offer an ambassador, but Shiba Kasai says that is a bad idea. The yobanjin invite themselves for lunch. They say that some things in the village burst into flames. Gifts are traded. The yobanjin want to look at the burned out castle. Shiba Kasai works on scarecrows. The yobanjin find twisted lengths of metal in the ashes (swords), as well as human bones, and 2 carved stones. They’re yobanjin spirit appeasement stones that will make plague spirits stay put. Akodo Tokaji does’t want any of these things. The Yobanjin shugenja talks to the fire spirits in the burned out castle. Found that the yobanjin are the ones that burned down the castle. The earth kami say there are 14 of his brothers (swords) incuding one that was very awake. Yobanjin might have burned the building down because people with plague were in it.

The Yobanjin leader tells Shiba Kasai that there are swords, and a magical sword, in the castle. The Yobanjin leave before sunset.

Shiba Kasai, Akodo Tokaji, and Shosuro Atsushi head back to the tree, but see nothing. At moonrise, a great wind blows out of the tree, and a silvery glow rushes out in the form of an massive ape. It has a third eye, and is 10’ tall. He grabs Shosuro Atsushi by the throat.

The Yobanjin fly up on giant birds. Shiba Kasai and Akodo Tokaji try to reason with the beast but it just says “murrrrrrderrrrrr…” He runs back towards the portal. The yobanjin pepper it with crossbow bolts and it bleeds quicksilver glowing blood. Shiba Ran shoots it’s wrist. It’s driven to it’s knees, but doesn’t lose it’s hold, and continues running towards the portal. One of the Yobanjin kills the giant ape. It dissolves like fog, and the little monkeys go crazy and thrash.

When we get back to Smoking Waters, there are no monkeys.

3 XP for the session
1 xp for the adventure log
Shiba Kasai 5 pips of honor

Thank you DJ for soup
Thank you Ben for Sake
Thank you Ben for music
Thank you Paige for mochi


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