Yasuki Takai

a huge, bullying Crab representative


Yasuki Takai heads the small delegation of Crab envoys to Kyuden Asako. He is absolutely huge, nearly six and half feet tall, weighing well over three hundred pounds. In his prime, Takai was a famous sumai wrestler, and even in his fifties, he is formidable. Takai has a pronounced limp, and walks with the help of a stout cane. The tap-tap-tap of his approach is enough to send lesser courtiers scurrying away rather than face his ire.

He favors intimidation and bullying over more subtle negotiation techniques, and grows utterly incensed at the slightest mention of the Crab’s ill-advised alliance with the Shadowlands.
Takai has set his sights on Shiba Tsukimi, and seems to be angling for her hand as part of a trade agreement.


Yasuki Takai

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