Shosuro Atsushi

A scorpion cultural attache


Shosuro Atsushi was very nearly a casualty of the Scorpion coup. He was young enough that he was not in the hottest of the active fighting. Shiba (Bayushi) Fumiko was a distant relative and she made a home for him in Kyuden Aasako after a hasty gempuku. He’s come of age in Kyuden Asako and is her devoted servant. She has pulled strings to position him on the Smoking Waters expedition to keep an eye on things for her.

Shosuro Atsushi is a pleasant, well-organized young man. He’s been known to put on puppet shows for the children of the samurai. He’s of modest stature and looks.

In Smoking Waters, he earned the ire of the Monkey King by shooting a monkey near the hot spring. He was very nearly killed by the spirit, and has left Smoking Waters to become a monk.



Obvious flaws and advantages
Shosuro Atsushi is generally disinterested in people and things that do not contribute to the well being of himself or his lord. Given that he’s essentially a refugee, he doesn’t have much in the way of material wealth. He has extremely fast reflexes, often acting first in times of trouble. He’s widely studied in a variety of learned subjects. He also, like many Shosuro, treads very quietly.

Shosuro Atsushi

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