Shiba Nakano

commander of Phoenix forces at Kyuden Asako


Shiba Nakano is the general in command of Phoenix forces at Kyuden Asako. He has a reputation for being a solid strategist, his greatest strength being a vast knowledge of military history that allows him to apply the lessons of the past to the current battle. Nakano is also a famous duelist, having defeated Kakita Irumo, one of the greatest masters of iaijutsu of the age.
Nakano is great friends with Asako Kaiten, with whom he enjoys daily games of go over tea. He also has regular meetings with Utaku Chien-do to discuss matters of security; with his limited forces, Nakano focuses on protecting the castle and keeping order in the camps, while Utaku Chien-do’s troops patrol the surrounding area.


Shiba Nakano

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