Moto Jing Hao

a gruff Unicorn warrior


Moto Jing Hao serves as yojimbo to Shinjo Tadaji, the leader of the Unicorn delegation. Jing Hao follows Unicorn traditions rather than the ways of Rokugan, and is ill at ease in court, so he spends much of his time out hunting. He has taken to dining alone so he can enjoy his favorite foods rather than choking down Rokugani fish and vegetables, and he has been hunting so much that he has become a hero to the peasants in the refugee camps, as he gives them whatever he takes and cannot eat himself.
Yoritomo Kakeko is fascinated by Jing Hao, and whenever he makes an appearance at court she goes out of her way to prod and provoke him. He takes such things in stride, however, and never allows himself to grow angry at any insults to himself. According to rumor, Jing Hao has slain a Lion bushi who insulted Shinjo Tadaji in an unsanctioned duel.


Moto Jing Hao

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