Iuchi Xanpan

a soft-spoken shugenja with a talent for medicine


Iuchi Xanpan is much like Shinjo Tadaji ,the leader of his delegation: a kind-hearted soul who works to mend the harm caused by the Clan War. While Tadaji builds political bridges and sees to the distribution of food and other supplies, Xanpan does what he can to aid the sick and wounded left behind by the war. He often visits the refugee camp, using prayers of healing to treat even the eta. Xanpan is often accompanied on these trips by Kitsuki Jakuei, who finds his work fascinating.
Xanpan has occasionally expressed a growing frustration that the healers and shugenja of the Empire are reluctant to adopt the medicines and medical techniques the Unicorn discovered or developed in their centuries of wandering.


Iuchi Xanpan

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