Isawa Kaho

a Phoenix noblewoman, wife to Isawa Shingen, currently dead


Isawa Kaho is a proud and dignified woman in her mid-forties. She always carries herself with calm and grace, and exemplifies the Phoenix devotion to diplomacy and peace-making. She has an odd habit of toying with a jade hairpin, almost obsessively clenching and stroking it.

She has recently arrived from Kyuden Isawa to join her husband, Isawa Shingen, but it seems that none of their three children have joined her, as all are occupied with other duties to their family and clan.

Isawa Kaho’s trusted maid, Isawa Kurenai often handles her mistress’ business.

She died suddenly after a brief illness, and was cremated after a small, private funeral.


Isawa Kaho

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