Hotaru 蛍

A ronin carpenter who's just trying to get by


Hotaru is a ronin carpenter who has been hanging around the Kyuden Asako refugee camp. She’s a huge moose of a woman, who favors simple clothes with no sleeves that show off her shoulders and arms. Firefly tattoos are swirl across her skin. She’s got a reputation as a relatively easygoing individual, and is somewhat known to Shiba Fumiko because she made the lady a lovely jewelry box as a gift.

Unfortunately, her skills are going to waste in a tent city. She’s signed up to join the expedition to reclaim Smoking Waters. She rented a pony from madame Yuki with a promise to let her know all the details on Smoking Waters.


Obvious advantages and disadvantages
Allies – Shiba Fumiko (2/1)
Social Disadvantage: Ronin


Hotaru 蛍

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