Asako Fumiyo

Phoenix Duelist Cross-Trained in the Kakita School


Asako Fumiyo is of average height for a Rokugani woman, but quick with a smile and to act. She has recently returned home now that the Clan War has ended, but has quickly been reminded of how her warlike ways are unappreciated among her family. As such, she spends a lot of time with the other clans, and is especially close with the Crane delegation. As an accomplished duelist, she maintains a friendly rivalry with Mirumoto Yoma-shi, often practicing with bokken or debating the merits of the kakita versus niten style.


Asako Fumiyo is a Phoenix duelist who was trained in the Kakita Dueling Academy. She earned glory for herself during the Clan Wars as a duelist at the cost of being shunned by her pacifist family, the Igraki vassal family of the Asako. She practices a form of honor more in common than the Lion or Crane than the Phoenix, favoring aggressive negotiations when possible. It is rumored that she once had a duel in a temple, and has been cast out from the monks of one of the faiths for spilling blood on holy ground.

Asako Fumiyo

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