Asako Chukage

a serene monk


Asako Chukage is an advisor to Asako Nisobu and Isawa Toshiji, providing spiritual and philosophical context for their decisions. He spends much of his time meditating, but Chukage is very popular for those seeking advice. His general practice is to gently question the petitioner about the root motivations for their problem, and allow them to find their own solution.
Chukage is known for a standing offer: anyone, samurai or peasant alike, who tells him a riddle which provokes a moment of satori will be gifted with a nemuranai he has been holding since he won it from an ancient Henshin monk when he was a boy. Thus far, there have been many attempts but no winners; it is said, however, that the discussion one has after proffering a riddle and losing are worth far more than any magical trinket.


Asako Chukage

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