Akodo Tokaji

Honorable Lion Scout


Dressed in bluff combat armor, but neat and clean. Unremarkable appearance except for eyes that are always on the watch for danger. Wears a few silver bells (if the social situation allows) scattered about his person. Walks very quietly.

Family: Akodo
School: Akodo Bushi


Tokaji grew up a respectable samurai, and has become a young member of the scouting wing of the lion armies. Having lost their parents at a young age, he was mostly raised by his sister who doted on him. He would often surprise his sister and their friends during their childhood, a pleasant counterpoint to his tendency to wander alone in the woods if given the chance. One name day his sister game him a tiny silver bell as a gift, so that she would be able to hear him coming. Soon after she was killed in battle, taking an arrow through the throat even as her unit of Matsu warriors broke the enemy. He has been more focused in his military service since, perhaps doing the work of two.

Akodo Tokaji

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