Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Smoking Waters

a chronicle of rebirth

The Clan War has finally ended. A Miya herald has arrived at Kyuden Asako to announce that Fu Leng has been destroyed and his army of Shadowlands monsters defeated. Akodo Toturi has been named Emperor Toturi I, and the grace of the heavens once again shines on the Emerald Empire.

This is welcome news for a land that has been ravaged by war for years. While there is still much to be done to restore the Empire to prosperity, all are relieved to know that the Celestial Order has been restored.

The Phoenix have been nearly wiped out by the Clan War, and there have been persistent, if faint, rumors speculating that it would be stripped of its status as a Great Clan. In order to stave off such a calamity, the leaders of the clan have ordered that all efforts be turned to rebuilding and repopulating Phoenix lands. As part of this effort, a dozen young samurai have been given the duty of resettling an abandoned village, known as Smoking Waters.



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