Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 8 11/23

The Badger Sister (Fang), introduces Isawa Mattyu to Kaori and Mattyu hires the shy and reticent Ronin Shugenja. She really wants to join the Phoenix, and Isawa Mattyu says that there could be a way for Ronin Shugenja to join the family.

Doji Bakuto recieves a plain woman bushi in Dragon and Phoenix colors. She has tattoos like ivy in winter. Miramoto Tomoe (wife of Isawa Goemon), wants to go on part of the journey to Nesting Swallow. Wants to be friendly. Has tattoos from Osawano-Wo. Isawa Mattyu invites her along, and when Doji Bakuto mentions someone is saying our peasants are going to be eaten, she offers to ask her husband about it. Isawa Mattyu encourages Isawa Asano to get to know Tomoe. Isawa Mattyu puts Moto Bolodai in charge for the journey.

The next morning everyone shows up. Tomoe, Mother Azoko, Iron Shou (and sons), Teiko the Monk (and apprentice), Badger Brothers (and sister), Kaori and 200 peasants. Peasant clicques. Dragons, farmers, charcoal burners.

Unicorn show up with ox-carts and about 11 bushi, Moto Reiko is in charge.

Started with 250 Koku, spent about 75.

Isawa Mattyu knows the mountain in Smoking Waters is called “Yume no Yama”, the mountain that dreams.

In Smoking Waters, Akodo Tokaji, Shiba Kasai, Shiba Ran, and Shosuro Atsushi track the big monkey into the Isawa Mori. The trees shift from cedars to pines. Find a tree split at the bottom like it’s got legs, and the tracks go to the tree and disappear. The tree is 50’ across. THe middel is a tunnel. Very quiet, no breeze, no animal noises. Nothing happens. Maybe need a key or a certiain time.

When we get back, we find three Yobanjin raiders. They say they want peace, and Shiba Kasai agrees. He tells them about the news of the empire. The yobanjin offer an ambassador, but Shiba Kasai says that is a bad idea. The yobanjin invite themselves for lunch. They say that some things in the village burst into flames. Gifts are traded. The yobanjin want to look at the burned out castle. Shiba Kasai works on scarecrows. The yobanjin find twisted lengths of metal in the ashes (swords), as well as human bones, and 2 carved stones. They’re yobanjin spirit appeasement stones that will make plague spirits stay put. Akodo Tokaji does’t want any of these things. The Yobanjin shugenja talks to the fire spirits in the burned out castle. Found that the yobanjin are the ones that burned down the castle. The earth kami say there are 14 of his brothers (swords) incuding one that was very awake. Yobanjin might have burned the building down because people with plague were in it.

The Yobanjin leader tells Shiba Kasai that there are swords, and a magical sword, in the castle. The Yobanjin leave before sunset.

Shiba Kasai, Akodo Tokaji, and Shosuro Atsushi head back to the tree, but see nothing. At moonrise, a great wind blows out of the tree, and a silvery glow rushes out in the form of an massive ape. It has a third eye, and is 10’ tall. He grabs Shosuro Atsushi by the throat.

The Yobanjin fly up on giant birds. Shiba Kasai and Akodo Tokaji try to reason with the beast but it just says “murrrrrrderrrrrr…” He runs back towards the portal. The yobanjin pepper it with crossbow bolts and it bleeds quicksilver glowing blood. Shiba Ran shoots it’s wrist. It’s driven to it’s knees, but doesn’t lose it’s hold, and continues running towards the portal. One of the Yobanjin kills the giant ape. It dissolves like fog, and the little monkeys go crazy and thrash.

When we get back to Smoking Waters, there are no monkeys.

3 XP for the session
1 xp for the adventure log
Shiba Kasai 5 pips of honor

Thank you DJ for soup
Thank you Ben for Sake
Thank you Ben for music
Thank you Paige for mochi



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