Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 5 11/2

In the wake of the poetry contest, Doji Bakuto and Akodo Fuuma, have covered themselves in honor. Shiba Hachi and Asako Fumiyo do some serious sleuthing and find out the rumors of a kamari contest can be traced back to Bayushi Taka. It’s likely false. Therefore the rumor Shiba Hachi heard of a tea ceremony contest at moonrise are likely true…

Agasha Hotaka goes to gather more peasants.

Asako Nisobo, Asawa Toshibi there with a very old man (Asako Kaiten, headmaster emeritus of the Asako courtier school.) Asako Chukage the monk is there. Agasha Hotaka does extremely well.

Akodo Fuuma in the lead. Doji Bakuto, Doji Inoue, Agasha Hotaka are close behind (mainly because Agasha san crushed it).

Kaiu Nasume is injured. Gets bullied by Yasuki Takai. Shiba Hachi chats her up. Sets her up for tea with Shiba Hatchi’s mother (the architecture historian). She doesn’t care for Yasuki Takai. He took this posting to get closer to Shiba Tsukimi. Shiba Hachi tries to convince her to come visit up north to Smoking Waters.

Painting competition. Yasuki Takai is angry that Shiba Hachi is hanging out with Kaiu Nasume. Bayushi Taka paints duelists, but there is a woman in the background sniffing a flower. Kaiu Nasume paints a battle scene, but with a bird’s nest peacefully on the other side. Yasuki Takai drags off Kaiu Nasume by the arm, but Doji Bakuto calls him out on it and the crowd is astonished. Yoritomo Kakeko has a big laugh.

Shiba Hachi gives out 3 bu of free sake, Asako Fumiyo gives out 3 bu of free saki.

Doji Inoue is really rattled when she finds out Shiba Fumiko is judging it since they hate each other. She and her husband nearly draw steel on the smirking Bayushi Taka. Kitsuki Jakuei does very well. Kaiu Nasume breaks a glass.

Akodo Fuuma won, and won the brush of a famous Phoenix warrior and peace delegate.

+1 glory for Doji Bakuta, Agasha Hotaka, Asawa Asano, Asako Fumiyo
-1 glory to Asawa Matyu

4 days pass

Meet Asako Bolodai and Iuchi Kazai return. 7-10 days on foot. Tales of buckwheat and soybeans growing wild. Could be 600 koku in the harvest. Hear about the town. Need tools, materials, a carpenter, and so on.

“His deadliest weapon is other people’s gold.” Said of Iuchi Kazai.

200 peasants, 50 koku a month

Iuchi Kazai recruits Hotaru the ronin carpenter, then Iron Shou and his sons. He brags on his ability to craft swords and armor, but says he is competent in all forms of smithy. He’s not only strong, but quick witted.

Asawa Mattyu asks Shiba Takeshi about ronin joining shugenja. He’s not opposed to the idea. Must be vetted. They need ability and bushido. Kaoru the ronin is a candidate.

In Smoking Waters – scarecrows torn down on the night of the full moon. Footprints of a very large ape around Shosuro Atsushi’s house.

3 XP for session
1 XP for the log

Thank you Ben for music, 1 XP
Thank you DJ for soup, 3 XP
Thank you Ben for sake, 3 XP
Thank you Paige for mochi, 3 XP

(Paige, remember you spent 6 XP on investigation)



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