Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 44 7/11/2018

Hotaru takes the kids and jumps up a 15’ cliff to hide from the road.

Asako Boladai has pleasant conversation with a person who called himself Yansuke. Bolodai bolted back from whence he came. Yansuke dives into earth to follow him, and then casts a spell to cause his lungs to burst out of his mouth. THen Bolodai draws blood, slicing him with a scimitar. Hotaru heard Bolodai say name him as the fourth son of Iron Shou, and say he was a coward and a blood mage. Afterwrards, there was nothing but blood, torn earth, and disturbed snow.

Hotaru walks with the kids talking about their family. THey are descendants of an Iron Smith, Shenjuko, about 100 years after the 4 thunders battled Fu Leng. that the Isawa brought in as a minor vassal family.

At Blue Well, Hotaru and the kids are thrown in a cell with Akodo Tokaji and Shosuro Dakane. We sadly realize that Bolodai and Ran are dead.

Togama-Sama has a cough, and Isawa Kei-Ichi handles the debriefing. Hotaru isn’t particularly coherent but Akodo-san gives a cogent scouting report.

1. Militarized undead.
2. Multiple blood-mages.
3. Big campground of military
4. Undead carrying heavy baskets (supply train)
5. The whole history of Isawa Shingen, baby with taint, crazy wife,

Hotaru is racked and tortured for a night, because they can’t decide if she’s obtuse or lying to them. (Spoiler alert – she’s SUPER obtuse.)

Blue Well is attacked from the east. (Not the west, goddamn it!) A terrible shout makes everyone make fear checks. Most of the Phoenix lines break in fear. There is a crescent shaped rent in reality, and a big monster steps through. There is a bonfire behind it. The smoke roils upward, then dives down toward the town.

Even Akodo Tokaji says we fuck right off, and we fuck right off right now.

Hotaru goes back for the kids, who are freaking out. The smoke quickly numbs them. Akodo Tokaji decides to go north, and stealth through the mountains. Blue Waters starts to burn. The samurai retreat to the castle and green flashes (JADE STRIKE!!!) indicate the supernatural combat.

There’s an exciting week of travel and all of the characters meet up in Smoking Waters. Agasha Hotaka uses his centipede tattoo to run to Kyuden Asako. Then a huge blizzard hits, and we are snowed in for 3 days. Smoking Waters is next.

We encourage the people of Smoking Waters to GTFO. We’re got an idea that the blizzard will stop on the night of the full moon. Hotaru suggests that maybe they can escape to Chikoshudo. Mother Azoku, Teiko, Golden Hand Wei, Madame Yuki, the head of the dragon guards, and the head of the peasant militia are informed. People are told that they need to bribe the spirits.

In the meantime, the mountain is rumbling.

Isawa Asano recalls that the obsidian spirit told him about the Sword that Can Cut the World. That might be making portals and pulling monsters through them.

Isawa Asano notices that Shiba Ran and Asako Bolodai were not prooved dead. THey might come back.

Agasha Hotaka gets to Kyuden Asako. Shiba Fumiko and Miya Haruma are gone.

Spend up XP and get characters advanced. Dakane and Asano can trade spells. Kaori knows rank 1 and rank 2 earth, air, and water spells – mostly supportive spells.

Iron Shou’s remaining sons give us 25 obsidian tipped arrows and an obsidian tanto.

3 XP
1 XP for log



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