Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 4 - 10/26/16

In which we find more about the potential daimyo

We decide to focus on Kyuden Asako until we send our group north.

Mother grief, the nun.
Smith – Iron Shao
Madam Yuki (and 12 men and ladies) and Ichi

Setsuban Festival is coming up
Word around the court is that Asako Nisobu has pulled out all the stops since it is the end of the war, and the beginning of the harvest. Word is there will be a parade and celebration, and handouts for the peasants. There will be a number of celebrations and challenges for the samurai in the castle.

To do – find out if we take the peasants before the setsuban festival, and can give the peasant freebies to our peasants to increase loyalty / morale. We work out the time to be that we do not have time before the recon team comes back to get them going.

The Phoenix kuge have arrived, three noble people who will be provincial daimyos for the vacated seats.

Isawa Matyu goes forth to rank up, spending five hours a day for the next week copying spells.

Fumiyo asks around and finds out that there are four challenges, none of which are bugei. A poetry, dance, painting, and a game of kemari. All of them will be the same day.

Isawa Matyu finds out there is a shugenja competition at the

Shiba Hachi goes to find out what he can about the daimyos. He finds out about the following running for Kougen province:
Isawa Shingen is a grim warrior and general. He has no major victories or defeats to his name during the Clan War. Since returning, he has thrown himself into administrative duties. We also find out that he saved Toturi from an oni attack, but is a cautious general. He is more of an administrator than a fighter. His wife was left behind at Kyuden Isawa, and will be coming in the next few weeks. He has a few grown children.
Isawa Tsuko is a veteran diplomat, recently returned from the imperial court where she served for 22 years. She is very personable and outgoing. Hachi also finds out: she has a lot of friends and is very good at avoiding trouble. She has not been in Phoenix lands in early fifteen years. She is a widow, and was married to a Seppun general who died fifteen years ago (before the clan war). She is very popular, life of the party kind of person when younger, and now is pleased to host parties. She enjoys a good smoke.
Isawa Togama is a renowned artist, known as a poet and calligrapher. A bit of an enigma, and during the war made a reputation as a peacemaker. Blames himself for the clan war going for ten long years. Hachi also finds out: he traveled from court to court. When he comes to court, people remark that he is pale and ill, and is known to disappear for times to work on his art. He focuses on epic poems. We also find out that

Fumiyo spends time with her sensei, Kakita Ikura, in the ways of the duelist.

When Hachi returns, he is invited to an audience with Isawa Tsuko.
He finds that servants are decorating the area, and a lot of servants are unpacking many boxes. As he arrives, there is a dragon samurai leaving and she is smoking and lounging. She immediately asks why he is asking about her marital status. He spills the beans, and she says she is not seeking a husband.

Isawa Asano goes around to the various shrines asking after Mother Grief, then goes to the refugee camp along with Isawa Matyu and Asako Fumiyo. They head to The Plum Blossom tea house. Fumiyo buys a nice tobacco to go, to later share with Isawa Tsuko.

Madame Yuki arrives to speak with us. We pay her a small amount to arrange a meeting with Sister Grief. While we wait, we find out the following:
There are a few clan samurai here
There are three raucous ronin who madame Yuki does not quiet them very much
Ichi is well-respected by the ronin who come by

The raucous ronin come to speak to us, calling themselves the badger brothers (and sister). They are very skilled archers and scouts, and very familiar with Phoenix lands.
A ronin shugenja comes to ask us a question, about ronin being able to join the isawa family after the four other elemental masters are chosen. Kaori is her name.

Hotaru the carpenter ronin comes to speak with us, and would prefer to build housing rather than help rebuild the castle.

Madame Yuki arrives to tell us that Mother Grief is helping to deliver a baby. Isawa Asano wishes to go see if we are needed.

Fumiyo buys a pouch of nice tobacco for a bu, and stays behind at the tea house while Isawa Matyu and Isawa Asano go to the birth. They distract the father to be until the new baby is born. Isawa Asano speaks to her once she emerges from the peasant hut, and makes her an initial offer. Since she has just helped to deliver a child, she asks to speak with him another time. Asano’s plan is for her to meditate on our offer until the real meeting.

As Matyu and Asano are heading back, they realize they are being followed. Isawa Matyu lights himself up with fires of purity, and the badger sister helps them get back to the Plum Blossom. They return before Fumiyo has left, and together we return back to the castle.

Hachi tries to set up a meeting with Shiba Fumiko, and arranges a meeting in the gardens to listen to the nightingale. Fumiko is invited to a special meeting with Asako Nisobu to judge a tea ceremony on the night of the setsuban festival. As they walk, they run into two crane – and there is a battle of words between Doji Inoue and Shiba Fumiko. It seems to be a draw. Doji Inoue seems to be more interested in winning.

Hachi tells Fumiko about Smoking Waters. He also asks her for recommendations about which daimyo to support, but she does not know of which to support yet.

We fast forward a couple days to the setsuban festival, which has its own wiki page. It is a day where it is forbidden to shed blood.

The poetry competition begins at dawn, with the poems being written about the rise of a new dawn of a peaceful empire. It takes place on the eastern wall of the castle. Isawa Matyu, Isawa Asano, and Doji bakuto are joined by Akodo Fuma, Bayushi Taka, Doji Inoue, Kitsuki Jakui, Kaiu Nasue are also there to compete.

In attendance to watch are a lot of people. Isawa Togama is the surprise judge! He looks very thin and has heavy bags under his eyes.

Doji Bakuto insults the lion with his poem.
Bayushi Taka insults the crane with his poem, and it is implied he is going to nail Doji Inoue.
Doji Inoue throws shade and scandal with her poem.

That concludes the poetry competition, and there will be another hour or so before the

General consensus is that:
Doji Bakuto and Akodo Fuuma are in the lead.
Isawa Matyu and Kaiu Nasume embarrassed themselves. They bond over their poor performance. Kitsuki Jakuei came up to start asking Isawa Matyu all kinds of questions after the competition.

Asako Kaiten will judge the dance competition in the courtyard, next week!

3 XP for the week
1 XP for this log

3 XP for Ron for sake
3 XP for Ben for bao
3 XP for Paige for making Smoking Waters pheasant soup
3 XP for DJ for matcha cookies

1 XP for Ben for providing music



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