Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 37 04-17-2018

We return to Smoking Waters about 3 d later, we lost one day in the Isawa Mori.

Shiba Hatchi – checks in with the town guard and the Dragon rangers. Nothing to report OTHER than a peasant has gone missing.

Isawa Mattyu – Has recieved gifts from the Bon festival, including a 250 bu gift from a rude guy. (Likely Golden Hand Wei.) Madame Yuki wants to get fancy furnishing to upgrade a few rooms to noble quality. Shiba Hatchi asks Isawa Mattyu to join him to look at the strange, very square hole.

When we are heading that way, we see a flicker of red heading through the bramble up the mountain. It’s Mother Azoku. Where she runs, we run. We pull up at an enormous hole – 50′ × 30′ × 4′ deep. There’s a kid with a broken leg. Azoku comforts him, and Mattyu heals his leg. The kids say they had human scapulas for divination. And they found arrowheads.

Growl Badger finds lose earth in a clearing, spot where there was bonfires. The peasant man is gagged and drained of blood, through wounds on his wrists and neck. Isawa Asano thinks that it might have been obsidian. Whoever did it knew what they were going for. Isawa Asano says that it is maho. We tell the wife a comforting lie, and comfort her with Tsubaki’s bao.

The Isken-do communes with the original hole. No body there.

The Dragon Rangers say that a patrol to the north, heading to Blue Well, has disappeared. The Dragon Rangers want to send a larger force to find them. Yoriko is the leader of the Dragon Rangers. We take it to Isawa Mattyu.

Agasha Hotaka and 10 dragon samurai and one dragon shugenja find the patrol. One is exsanguinated, three are torn up by blunt claws. One person in sandals and three heavy guys. Then there was a fight, and 15 guys left. The guy who was exsanguinated froze during the battle. The 15 guys left heading west toward Blue Well.

The Dragon shugenja confirms what happened with help from the water kami. A maho tsukai in a cloak and broad brimmed hat with a regal and proud bearing and three zombies were walking down the road. The dragon attacked them. Each zombie was carrying a huge crate. They ripped people apart. The maho tsukai cast a spell to freeze one samurai, and then a zombie bashed him over the head. The zombies were wearing masks as a spell focus.

A shook Shiba Hatchi heads to Smoking Waters to let Isawa Mattyu and Isawa Asano know…

3 XP
1 Log
3 XP for DJ for dinner
3 XP for Ron for Nutter Butters



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