Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 35 3-21-18

In Smoking Waters, the day dawns gray and a few snowflakes are falling.

Anslan, Bolodai’s groom says the ronin’s horse is sick. Shiba Hatchi tells him to take it away from the rest of the animals.

Peasant Sichi, someone dug a hole in his yard and he fell in it. Sent him to mother Azoku. His field is fallow and rocky.

Isawa Tsuko leaves and invites Shiba Hatchi to Winter Court in Aoijiroi Province (Nesting Swallow). She’s been neglectful of the watchtower from what Hatchi hears.

Then there’s a small temblor. Swinging signs and tumbled crockery.

Iuchi Kazai is at the Lotus and Koi. Kazai catches Hatchi up on the story.

Agasha Hotaka,

In town – a young Phoenix couple, every one else left. Also Bolodai’s wife.

Isawa Asano talks to Teiko at length. O-Kappa-O pops up and Teiko bolts out of the pool and down the hill, stark freakin’ naked and runs into the inn. Isawa Asano talks to Shiba Fumio and Agasha Hotaka about the fight with Chin. Isawa Asano says that Chin was probably tainted.

Elemental council is reformed – at Kyuden Isawa.
Master of Earth – Asako Fumiko’s husband
Master of Air – Shugenja Kyuden Asako, guy who dealt with Shiba Hatchi
Master of Fire – Agasha clan Dragon shugenja – very political.
Master of Water – Sea shugenja who is more like a battlemage
Master of Void – in seclusion.

We assign Teiko to clean up in town. We head out to where Anslan and the horse are. He has a lean to and small fire. He pulls a knife to cut it’s throat and it hocks a loogie of grossness into Aslan’s face and mouth and turns to attack. Fumio and Hatchi cut it up. Isawa Asano then starts ham-handedly cutting Anslan’s head off. Hatchi gives the man a clean death. We clean off in the icy creek, and drop our bloodstained clothes. We have the eta burn the horse and Anslan IN PLACE without touching them.

Ayame is a woman with the Dragon Militia. Shiba Hatchi commends her on the response to the fight with Chin. He also tells her that the horse was sick, and had to be put down. Hints at magical crap. He strongly opines that the matter is handled. Mme. Yuki makes sure the most gossipy server is waiting on them to spread the word.

Note to self – name a yoriki.

Tsubo is in the Inn as well. Shiba Hatchi goes tochat with him. He’s filthy rich at the moment, but won’t say how. He did a favor for someone powerful and got papers to travel through Phoenix lands. His travel papers are approved by Lord of Kyuden Asako (Asako Nisobu).

Six peasants come by and wait for orders. Shiba Hatchi sent them out on patrols and told them to beware the tiger and come get him if they see it.

Sparrowhawk – from Crane lands. Looking for her brother Obito. Lost in Phoenix lands somewhere. Send her to the A Team. Give her a letter of introduction. Told her to be careful about the area – dark magic.

Isawa Asano talks to Iron Shou’s son #2. His wife, Kaori, is sooooo pregnant. Second Son says the prospectors came in with a big chunk of obsidian and youngest brother was the most skilled with working with obsidian. Youngest brother and father were closeted about it for a while. He woke up as his arm was being lopped off. His father was dead, his other brothers were crippled, and he saw youngest brother leaving in the night with a black blade. The good side is that they found the Tsi smith who is setting up the papermill.

Isawa Asano notes the big kami that was associated with the obsidian is gone, but there is a large earth kami. He says the obsidian is gone, and that the kantzen have recently come back.

3 XP for game
1 XP for log

3 XP Thank you Paige for eggrolls
3 XP Thank you DJ for dinner
3 XP Thank you Ben for sake
1 XP Thank you Ben for music
3 XP Thank you Jack for Pocky



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