Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 32 2/21/2018

At the Bon festival

Asahina Takuma – Crane Shugenja
Bayushi Taka –
Bayushi Ryonosuke – Young samura serving as Taka’s yojimbo
Isawa Junko – Part of the Blue Well Delegation, Shugenja
Isawa Tsuko – New Aoijiroi Daimyo
Kaiu Nasume -Young engineer, on her own.
Yoritomo Nasue – the peacock. His yojimbo Yoritomo Kakeko (7 mos pregnant)
Villagers from Smoking Waters, Blue Well, and Nesting Swallow

Dragons help keep order because they’re very austere. Peasant guard also helps keep order.
The food here is good and eclectic – dragon peppers and Iuchi Kazai is bring in unicorn spices.

Golden Hand Wei set up sake and tea stalls. The river of gold flows upward to Iuchi Kazai.

A couple of thousand people here.

Miya Haruka is in town as well. Trying to dip a goldfish out of a barrel, but she’s quite drunk.

A dragon peasant/ashigaru comes to the Lotus and the Koi saying there has been a murder. Shiba Hatchi and Agasha Hotaka bug out to go check on the body, leaving Iuchi Kazai to wake Isawa Matyyu.
Kochako Yoshi helps distract the peasants. The body has a wakazashi in hand, and a katana in his belt. His throat has been raggedly torn open, and he has an angry grimace on his face. Maybe a shovel or a hoe did it. Someone strong, someone skilled, and it doesn’t look like a panicked attack. He’s a very plain ronin, average size, average height, with a faint scar on his chin and fighting scars on his knuckles. The fact the ronin had his sword out implies it’s not an assassination. It’s right by the edge of the forest, so there wasn’t much room for swinging a large sword. Wakazashi is the better weapon. He has a gold koku, as well as bu and zenni.

Where is his room? And where is his pack?

The eta take the body off to the place where bodies are burned, and Isawa Matyyu is fetched. Shiba Hatchi gives his report, and Isawa Matyyu remembers that this isn’t very far from the place where the obsidian was dug up.

We head back to town, and collect Iuchi Kazai. Kochako Yoshi provides a letter of introduction from Shiba Fumiko to Shiba Hatchi, and Hatchi gestures for Yoshi to join him.

Isawa Matyyu bemoans that he hasn’t appointed a magistrate, and Shiba Hatchi threw himself on that grenade for Iuchi Kazai. Hatchi suggests Kazai maybe should check in with Golden Hand Wei. Wei has no information and looks shocked, but agrees to ask around. His place is the Smiling Cricket.

The master of baths says that there were four or five ronin in the baths, maybe our guy is one of them. An older man with a large nose came into some money. His name is Tetsuo. We ask the master of baths to see if he can find out where the ronin are staying, and to have them lunch with Hatchi at the Lotus and Koi the next day. Shiba Hatchi asks Kochako Yoshi to take a look at the blades. Apparently the sword is scorpion made, the wakazashi is crab made. They’re middling quality, well cared for, and maybe 100 years old.

Iuchi Kazai learns about 4 ronin from Wei
Tetsuo – came into money and has been treating people.
Woman – Sparrowhawk, is looking for her brother.
Katsu -mooching off Tetsuo, has a scar on his chin.
Chin – Gaijin, bandy-legged ronin.

Iuchi Kazai sends info about Tetsuo and Katsu in cipher to Shiba Hatchi.

Isawa Matyyu notices a small crowd near where the body was found, but on the other side of the stream, where the obsidian was found.

1 XP for log
3 xp for game
3 xp for Jack for seaweed
3 xp for DJ for old clothes
3 XP for Ben for strawberries
3 xp for Paige for beer



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