Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 27 8/3/2017

Wake up and Shiba Kisai is too grumpy to join us.

Tsugumi says that her people are all over. Including over toward the Sunswept Plain and the Windswept Sea.

As we travel, Tsugumi is tackled by a Kitsune and flies off. We agree to host her in the real world and she will be our guide. She says Yama-Neko is really mad at mortals because he says that mortals started the trouble with the O-Kami.

She indicates that perhaps we should visit the Well of the Moon – an oracle. We get to a cedar forest and are very tired. It’s very dark. Hotaru believes we’re in Yama Neko’s territory. Kitsune suggests we sleep outside of his territory.

Find a big spring, but it’s dry and a cracked stone lays on it. Kitsu says that the world stone used to float at a height of ten men above the spring, Black splotch on the far side. The Ishken-do finds an alabaster hair pin with a sun and flowers and a broken tip, and a partially severed umbilical cord. It’s not likely that the mother lived through it.

O-Kami found a human child at the well. She took it away. The waters turned black and the world stone cracked and fell. Suneyes killed her packmate when he told her to leave the child be. When her packmate rotted, the flies and maggots spread through the land. She wants to make sure the whole world feels her loss. She lives to serve the child and give it what it needs. The insinuation is that the baby from the well ate the baby from our village. He will seal all the gates to the realm of mortals with mortal blood, and the child will starve. Isawa Asano says that Yama Neko is contaminated.

Kitsune says that Yama Neko, Ossuma, and Suneyes were the three strongest beasts in Chikushido. For all three to be infected is a bad sign.

Some of the O-Kami went to the mortal realm because they heard the time of the Kami was over and they wanted to set it right. Not all of them came back and there was sad howling.

That night Suneyes attacks but runs off after Chuda Dakano hit her with a spell – though she started healing.

We head into O-Kami territory. By this point Moto Bolodai is fully peacock and Hotaru is fully a brindle cat. We jump down to join the fight with Suneyes like the animals we are. Isawa Asano sets Bolodai and Hotaru on fire. Dakano hits her with a huge jade spell, and Asano hits her with the force of his void.

+3 XP for DJ for dinner
+3 XP for Ben for sake
+1 XP for log
+3 XP for Ron for ice cream



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