Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 26 7/26/2017

We wake, and we’re not hungry. The land seems to sustain us, but some decide to eat anyway. The tea made with local water is very refreshing.

Fukuro the Owl says that there are only five, five and a half mortals in the realm right now.

We continue to travel Akodo Tokaji starts climbing trees and throwing nuts at people. Hotaru starts getting fastidious about her appearance. We start seeing a pinkish glow on the horizon from the Sun-Swept Savannah. Chuda Dakano says that there might be horses and lions.

That night we hear the death scream of a rabbit and most of us take off running like idiots. No one is harmed, but Moto Bolodai is looking handsome and proud. Hotaru realizes that her hair is sleek and beautiful. Akodo Tokaji is hiding nuts in the loam.

We climb the ridgeline up to go toward the O-Kami territory. As we go to cross the ravine, we hear a howl below us. Moto Boladai bolts but Hotaru grabs him before he can run far. We see a great horned silhouette in the distance. A mountain goat spirit the size of a horse says that this is the area of the Yagi Tribe. Hotaro wrestles Yagi himself for the right for us to pass. He says that he used to hear many voices from the O-Kami singing to the moon, but now he hears only one voice full of hate and sorrow.

Yagi points out that maybe the Bird Folk know more. They live in the Oak Forest with the Tanuki.


Isawa Asano tumbles down the hill, but the rest of us get down fine. A bird asks him if he was trying to fly. It flies off when Isawa-san says that he’s human.

A tanuki happens upon us. Says that he was going to ask us to cure the O-Kami. We go up to their village. It’s got a perimeter of shrine gods, some with incense, some that are familiar – many that are not. The tanuki says his name is Oyabun. Once we get the “gods working” then he’ll take us to the village.

Tsugumi the thrush girl says that Yama Neko – Wildcat – saw it all

Shiba Kisai has regal hair and a short temper.
Akodo Tokaji has a black twitchy nose and can climb without assistance
Moto Bolodai is super beautiful, and his hair is all lustrous.
Hotaru – Whiskers, and sneaking up on people, imperious, bossy, good darkvision, triangular ears and a white tip to her braid.

3 XP for adventure
1 XP for log
3 XP for jack for food
3 XP for DJ for Banana pudding
3 Xp to Ben for beer



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