Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 23 5/24/2017

At the Two Bucket at Kyuden Asako. Our mission was to settle down Isawa Kaho.

Shiba Nakano (general), Asako Kaiten (plays go every day). Shiba Hachi tries to tempt Asako Kagura into coming to Kyuden Asako for winter court. In the process, he finds out that Isawa Kaho seems to be of much more settled mind.

Lady Ayame believes that getting the maid Isawa Kurenai to get her into see Isawa Kaho. Isawa Kurenai usually goes out in the morning to get things for her lady from the market in the morning.

We make it to Tranquility by sunset and it’s bustling. A permanent theater is being constructed. Shiba Hatchi’s dad is talking to a statuesque scorpion woman in a form fitting kimono. Nearby is a wiry young man with a no-datchi with his daisho.

Shiba Tadashiro is helping build the theater in Tranquility. He says that there’s going to be a huge Bon festival in Smoking Waters with hundreds of monks chanting and fireworks and luminaries. He also says his patroness is Shosuro Tasuya.

Leave the next day. Get to Compassion around noon. Scorpion (Shosuro) are building a warehouse. Are given samples from Dr. Han’s House of Ten Thousand Remedies.

Shiba Hatchi spends a half koku.
Asako Fumiko spends FOUR koku.

He says he’s a master of exorcisms. Can drive off trickster spirits and can drive out hungry dead. We invite him to Smoking Waters. He also knows of the Bon festival.

As we get back towards the castle, a howling bulb arrow streaks towards us from behind, and six calvary are in front of us, and six archers to our south/left 50 yards away.

They yell “leave the Crane, and the rest of you may pass…”

Do we fight? Do we run?

And that’s where we stopped.

3 XP for adventure
1 XP for journal
3 XP Thank you DJ for SOUP!
4 XP thank you Ben for champagne and music!
3 XP Thank you Paige for mochi!


The current situation:

There are 6 riders spanning the road about 50 yards ahead. One of them, slightly ahead of the others, wears the green and yellow associated with the Miya, and sits a slightly lathered horse. They seem to have moved from hiding behind a fairly large and dense thicket to the south of the road. All wear light armor, and carry nagamaki.

To the left, at the top of a long hill, 6 archers move to stand in open formation about 50 yards away. The hill is fairly steep, and very rough, with jagged chunks of exposed stone and thick, thorny bushes. They all hold yumi with arrows on the string, and wear ashigaru armor.

To the rear, a dozen spearmen double-time out of a dense thicket to the south of the roadway. They form up in good order about 30 yards away, spanning the road from the thicket to the steep, rough hill on the north side of the road. One of the spearmen toward the center seems to be directing them. All carry yari and wear ashigaru armor, except for the commander, who wears light armor. Two archers in ashigaru armor hustle into position behind them, one at either end of the line.

The thickets to the north are fairly expansive, but there is a gap between them about 10 yards across. Beyond is fairly open terrain, with a lot of low shrubs scattered saplings.

Session 23 5/24/2017

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