Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 21 4/12/2017

Shiba Hachi apparently was looking into the bandit captain. He came into town in a good mood with two horses, but no woman. No mantis in town, enclave torn down. Yoritomo Hanako, bum leg. Mantis leader prior to the purge..

Visit the eta. Number 10 Ox explained what happened and a couple of goat proves that the guy was probably killed with short curved blade slitting his throat.

The town peasants indicate Mantis and Phoenix had a shouting match because the Isawa wanted to destroy the Mantis warehouses and goods. Yoritomo Hanako belted a Phoenix magistrate, possibly Isawa Zanpachi. The Phoenix went for reinforcements and the Manits GTFO. The Phoenix tore down the Mantis enclave.

Isawa Kaho is closeted, dealings through her maid Isawa Kuranai. She came by a month ago. She was in a good mood, but her mood soured after arrival and asking around about people who knew her husband. Then she quit talking to people and her maid started going around asking questions of rough actors – ronin, Mantis, the Shosuro. She left going west toward Kyuden Asako. a day or two ago with an unknown figure. He sold them the dead ronin’s horses.

Doji Bakuto think that the murder was done to specifically taint the Mantis enclave.

Doji Bakuto thinks that maybe Isawa Shingen asked his old master for alabaster for statuary when each of his three children was born. He asked for a fourth one about a year ago. He was out in the field with the wars a year ago, presumably near Toshi Ranbo. We could go back to talk to Isawa Jigen and see if he has the letter still.

The earth kami at the murder scene were banished at the time of the murder.

Asako Kagura talked to Doji Bakuto and wants the murder solved so that the restrictions were lifted.

There is a discussion of what Doji Bakuto should talk to Isawa Kaho about. They have tea. Doji Bakuto bombs out big time, alienating Isawa Kaho. She says that she’s already taken care of the matter of her husband. Shiba Hachi freaks and immediately goes to the palace to find a Master of Air who will have the air kami transfer a message to Shiba Takeshi.

Shiba Fumiko, I celebrate the care and protection the Shiba have always given our guests.

He doesn’t give his name. Shiba Hachi knows this a problem for later. He asks Shiba Hachi to keep a paper swan on his person.

A big discussion is had about what to do. We need to try to solve the murder for Asako Kagura, because we’re humped with regards to Shiba Fumiko’s request. She suggests we go to Soaring Gull, a Mantis town on the coast. Asako Fumiyo says that she has to go to Shiro Shiba to return the swords.

One day’s ride to Shiro Shiba. It’s a good road but rainy and blustery. Shiro Shiba is a very sturdy forces. Evidence of explosions and battle magic. Monks are performing rituals and peasants are digging up stuff. There are many military camps and finding the Rushing Winds are easy to find.

Taller than average woman with broad shoulders. She’s strong and had a deep voice.. Walked with a bandy legged gait. Broad brimmed hat and a shiny cloak and boots that repelled water. She had a mushy accent. She never gave a name.

We have a terrible realization that maybe SHE is the one in the broad brimmed hat headed to Kyuden Isawa…

We fetch Agasha-san out of the drink and head out the next morning.

As we head back, in WIsdom we hear the maid and the woman in the broad brimmed hat asked about a pregnant woman named Shiba Hitome. Hitome was 5 months pregnant, traveling on foot. About 20 years old. She was a warrior and carried the Daisho. She had a fever and it didn’t respond to medicines. Baba suggested Hitomi seek the blessing of the Bamboo Princess. Tranquility is even busier. There’s more samurai and more acts (jugglers, fire tamers, animal show). We find out that the Asako Jigen and the Broad Brimmed Hat went north after talking to midwives in Tranquility.

Talk to midwives (there are 3).
And figure out why Asako Jigen went north.

3 XP
1 XP for the log
3 XP for Ben for home made potstickers
3 XP for DJ for soup
3 XP for Paige for Phoenix cakes



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