Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 19 3/29/2017

Various shenanigans occur. You don’t want to know.

The next morning comes easily. Yoritomo Nasue leaves his wagons in Wisdom and heads into Kyuden Isawa. He recommends Two-Bucket Inn because it’s boisterous and fun. It’s very large and has accommodations for up to 200 people.

We set off with Yoritomo Nasue and he’s good company. He recommends noodle shops and teahouses. Court is very formal and spends their time on high matters. They’ve been serious about restoring peace in the empire. Isawa Zanpachi was proper, stern, and strict. Isawa Kaho? Maybe he saw her train as she was coming to take residence in the palace. Bunch of Crane merchants shuttling between the port and Kyuden Isawa. Fistfights with the Mantis merchants because they’re after the same contracts.

On the road meet a couple of cowardly Lions that insinuate that Lady Ayame is a prostitute and that she’ll be fined in the city as law and order is being restored. Run into Phoenix and Unicorn laughing it up on the way out of the city. They’re drunk and they say that Isawa Zanpachi has outlawed drinking (fighting, gambling, music, girls, dueling, and noise.)

One of the Unicorn says “we’re gonna go see our lady. Our lady is back and yours isn’t coming back.” He says that Lady Shinjo is back and she’s pissed off. Rallying all the Unicorn out in the desert somewhere. Shiba Kiba (of the broken nose) says that they’ll be at Tranquility watching the show.

We get to Kyuden isawa. It’s a big monastery looking palace with many temples. The town outside of the wall is being torn down – with shugenja. The Two-Bucket Inn is outside the wall and and people are building a wooden wall around the cluster of buildings that is the Inn. A small merchant town has been isolated from the surrounding town. There are farming villages a couple miles away. There are small squad of Isawa troops come up and ask our business. We leave the explaining to Isawa Mattyu. (Our mission to recover Isawa Kaho is secret.)

They let us know that the Rule of Harmony has been reinstituted. The rules are on the city wall and at the Two-Bucket Inn. Yoritomo Nasue says that this is pretty sudden, but that it’s not entirely unexpected. It used to be a monastery. All kinds of peasants and notes go back and forth through the wall.

No drinking, gambling, no loud noises, no fighting, no dueling.
No music after dark.
You must be purified at the gate to come inside the walls.
No weapons inside the walls except for guardians on duty.
Plus fidgety rules about prayers and proper conduct.

Inside the Two-Bucket Inn, Yoritomo Nasue is everybody’s best friend.

Fumiyo takes drinks with Nasue and friends, and finds out the inciting incident for the recent unpleasantness – murder most foul! A body was found the morning eight days ago. Despite the war this is the first violent death in Kyuden Isawa in forever. The ronin’s throat was slit. Isawa Zanpachi has decided that this has polluted the whole place so he’s purging all negative influences. They were seriously thinking about abandoning the place. (The Shiba have kept the war away from Kyuden Isawa, often at great personal cost during the war).

About 10 pm a bunch of old farts in Phoenix colors come in. They are somewhat rowdy compared to the crowd.

+1 XP to all for a log
+3 XP to DJ for awesome Korean tacos
+3 XP to Ben for Sake
+3 XP to Paige for Crane Cakes
+1 XP to Ben for music



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