Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 16 2017 02 22

There we are, in the rose garden.

Isawa Tsuko, the daimyo candidate
Isawa Toshiji, the castellan, dueling judge

Bayshi Taka is in the area.

Yasuki Takai shows up nearly late. He apologizes because he slipped and cannot duel. He’s flanked by Ishii as his champion.

Isawa Toshiji asks the parties if they will be reconciled. They won’t. He leaves before the duel starts. Shiba Hachi politely warns Isawa Tsuko that she might want to leave, but she says she wouldn’t miss this.

While Asako Fumio is reciting her lineage, Yasuki Taka grunts and groans and rearranges himself.

Asako Fumio acquits herself admirably, striking Iichi’s left hand. Isawa Tsuko is very, VERY appreciative…

Iichi is very nearly enthusiastic.

Bayushi Taka shows up and the party starts. He says that someone famous is coming to talk to us, at his behest. Then the party erupted. Lady Ayame showed up to play as well.

The next day Isawa Mattyu gets an invite to call on Isawa Shingen. They ask for our weapons. Which is fine. But apparently asking for Isawa Mattyu’s scroll pouch and then a scene is made.

Shiba Fumiko has been pleased that Lady Ayame has been invited to tea with Doji Inoue a couple of times. Shiba Fumiko asks to talk to Shiba Hachi.

Isawa Kaho – letter indicating that she may be losing her mind. At Kyuden Isawa. Lay her concerns to rest or calm her down so she’s not embarrassing when she gets here. Shiba Fumiko knows what’s wrong, but won’t say exactly. Fumiko believes that Kaho’s fears are baseless. Provides an origami chrysanthemum as a letter of introduction, travel papers, and a post writ so we can get mounts and remounts, and 20 koku..

Asako Fumiyo and Doji Bakuto meet with Shinjo Todaji. They want a few samurai to accompany us to Kyuden Isawa. Shinjo Todaji agrees if we’ll go hawking with him.

Yoritomo Kakeko approaches Agasha Hotaka. She says the Peacock wants a favor from him. He is looking for a caravan headed by Yoritomo Kasue. Wants to know if they’ve left Kyuden Isawa. Find the caravan or the people and bring them back. Was carrying lodestones, which are very valuable. Small chest with gray rocks. Gives him 30 koku as well.

Bayushi Taka comes by as Doji Bakuto is leaving. He asks for a small favor. He wants to know what the caravans that have been taken by bandits are carrying. Someone has been hiring all the ronin since midmorning, hints it’s Yasuki Takai.

Shiba Hachi sets up with a gossip that we are leaving to look for caravans. Asako Fumiyo sets up messages to the samurai in Smoking Waters.

Thank you Ben for music
Thank you Ben for Sake
Thank you DJ for soup
Thank you Ron for dessert SUPER DELICIOUS COOKIES!



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