Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 15 2017 02 15

In which we talk to the Noble Isawa Tsuko and get jumped

Isawa Tsuko arrives, and has Yasuki Takai in tow, and invites him to join us for tea. He is gruff and lasciviously gazes upon Asako Fumiyo. Takai attempts to disrupt the tea ceremony, and throws Fumiyo off her game and nearly succeeds. Takai proceeds to insult Doji Bakuto into challenging him into a duel to first blood.

Shiba Hachi ran into an old acquaintance, Ayame. He has a “fond memory of many happy handjobs.” She is a member of Shiba Fumiko’s retinue. She is currently a ronin courtier. She is here to offer her services and friendship.

After the duel is declared to be at noon tomorrow in the gardens, Yasuki Takai leaves and Doji Bakuto is able to speak with Isawa Tsuko about becoming a leader for Smoking Waters. Tsuko reveals that she is looking for a quiet retirement. Bakuto lures her with opportunities of the hot springs and the potential of returning to a resort town. Bakuto issues an open invitation for her to visit at any time – she is interested in visiting in spring. Tsuko is coming to the duel, and will get permission for Fumiyo to duel.

Shiba Hachi and Ayame arrive, and Doji Bakuto regales them with tales of what happened over tea. Hachi says he saw Takai laughing on the way to the garden, and when hearing about the duel, he rushes off to the Plum Blossom with Agasha Hotaka to so if Ichi is set to be his champion.

On the way, they are assaulted by thugs! “I HOPE THAT GOLD SPENDS WELL IN HELL!” Shouts Shiba Hachi as they engage. Two of the thugs run, and Hotaka pummels one down. Shiba Hachi goes down in the fight, and the two remaining thugs run.

Hachi and Hotaka made it back alright. Ayame offered to take a note to Madame Yuki about whether or not Ichi is employed tomorrow to be a duelist to get an idea of if he is Fumiyo’s enemy tomorrow. The gunso of the guard accompanies Ayame to the Plum Blossom tea house. Madame Yuki once more tries to attract Ayame into her service, and in the conversation lets it be known that she is going to Smoking Waters to help it become a premiere spa in the following year. Until then, she expects a slow winter.

Hotaka speaks with the guards about what happened, and they thank him for taking out the trash.

Doji Bakuto and Asako Fumiyo went to visit and perform some medical attention on Shiba Hachi, and heard that they were assailed by five dudes.

Isawa Mattyu came and healed Hachi, and then re-applied fire to Hachi and Hotaka.

As Asako Fumiyo prepared for the duel the night before, Bayushi Taka sends a message offering time to walk with him in the night garden before she may meet her untimely demise the next day.

The next day, Asako Fumiyo heads to the rose garden, and many samurai and courtiers. Bayushi Taka and Bayushi Tetsuro wait at the entrance to the rose garden. She offers to walk with him in the garden that night after she wins.

Isawa Tsuko is there with a servant holding a parasol and the other is packing her pipe.

Isawa Toshiji is also there to watch.

By the time noon rolls around, there is no show of Yasuki Takai. Just on the ragged edge of too late, there is a grunting noise. Around the corner on a massive litter with a wounded leg, comes Takai. He announces that he fell and has elected to have a champion. It is of course, no other than Ichi, who steps to the edge of the dueling circle in a preparation to fight.

3 xp for all
1 xp for all log
Ben 3x for Sake
Paige 3xp Bao
DJ 3x for Udon Soup
Ben 1x for music



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