Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 14 2017 02 08

11th day of the Month of the Dog (Octoberish)

Akodo Tokaji has lost the tracks of the O-Kami, though it went in a straight line towards just north of O-Kappa-O’s lands. Isawa Asano, Shiba Kasai, Hotaru, and Moto Bolodai are also going.

Iuchi Kazai volunteers will stay back in the village and take care of things. Shiba Ran will assist in the village defense. Badger Brothers and Sister and Kaori are left in the village to defend it.

Jade lump – only 20 damage max. Makes a crude jade dai-tsuchi. Isawa Asano tells Moto Bolodai that the miners can start mining, but should leave the big lump of obsidian whole.

In the morning, we get to O-Kappa-O’s lake. The spirit wolf pads along the lake. We head from a cedar forest to a bamboo forest. Dead spots where the critter has brushed up against the bamboo. Across a scree field, we find a vertical cliff face with a crack in the rock and the tracks go inside. This is consistent with the descriptions from O-Kappa-O.

Month of the monkey is busy in Kyuden Asako. Unicorns are heading west, and there are rumors of trouble in Unicorn lands. Phoenix troops are coming home from the south. There is an air of chaos and change. Three members of the phoenix aristocracy have arrived to be assigned to three provinces to the north.

Isawa Shingen – Military Leader, ashigaru had heavy losses because he sent his peasant troops off to die. Mme Yuki says that his wife Isawa Kaho is coming and has been behaving oddly in Kyuden Isawa.
Isawa Tsuko – Diplomat. Mme Yukii has met her before in the capital. Consummate politician. Had a string of lovers. Was never hurting too badly when the capital is starving.
Isawa Togama – Poet. Mme Yuki has a high opinion of him. Collects his poetry. He doesn’t deserve the shadow that follows him.

Smoking Waters, 2 days and caravan to Nesting Swallow, and 1 week and a very large caravan to Blue Well.

Isawa Goemon and Miramoto Tomoe – Nesting Swallow. Isawa Goemon was calling on Yoritomo Nasue and the Yoritomo is filthy rich.

Isawa Junko and Isawa Kaechi – Blue Well

Utaku Chien-do (unicorn general) is heading back to the west next month.

Shinjo Tadaji will be the permanent ambassador to the phoenix and is staying with about 20 unicorn samurai.

Yasuki Takai is the official crab envoy and also staying is Kaiu Nasume.

Bayushi Taka is formally invited to be the scorpion envoy. Bayushi Tetsuro is his yojimbo. Shosuro Shizune is there too with a half dozen functionaries.

Kitsu Jin is the official dragon rep, Mirumoto Yoma-shi is his yobanjin. Has a half dozen servants, including an eta, and three or four samurai. All bushi.

Doji Inoue is the official crane rep. Her yojimbo is Doji Shigeyuki. Asahina Takuma is the second bannana and air shugenja and women like him. Makes and animates origami. Looks at the moon with Doji Shigeyuki a lot. Have 2 bushi, 3 courtiers.

Akodo Fuma and his advisor Kitsu Jin. Smallest delegation with 3 lions, no bushi, no matsu.

Yoritomo Nasue is the lead of the mantis delegation. Yoritomo Kakeko is his boisterous yojimbo. Moshi Ikako is his right hand and shugenja, and never speaks. 2 bushi and several other courtiers and entertainers.

Miya Haruka is in and out, but hasn’t committed to stay.

Asako Nisobu is the Daimyo. Isawa Toshiji is her right hand man. Shiba Tsukimi is the daimyo’s yojimbo, and Yasuki Takai wants her something fierce.

Shiba Takeshi is the odds on favorite to become master of earth. His wife Shiba Fumiko is the darling of the court and is trying to remediate. She has a great dislike for Bayushi Taka.

Asako Chukage is the monk with a prize for anyone who can tell him a worthy riddle.

Asako Kaiten is the head of the phoenix courtier school and has a prodigious memory and is quoting the library back to scribes.

Madame Yuki – Plum Blossom teahouse and her bouncer Ichi the duelist.

Lucky 8 Cricket gambling hall – run my Golden Hand Wei.

Doji Bakuto ruins Isawa Goemon’s sendoff party surepticiously, and then slanders Yasuki Takai publicly. Yasuki Taki tries to intimidate Doji Bakuto and fails. At that point, Doji Bakuto never walks the halls alone – he takes Asako Fumiyo with him frequently and sometimes Shiba Hatchi.

Make an appointment for tea with Isawa Tsuki. Find out that Yasuki Tsukai was working the kitchen staff but Doki Bakuto and Shiba Hachi GTFO. Shiba Hatchi goes to Plum Blossom Teahouse to get a teaset for the tea and is hounded by ronin. As we get ready for the tea we see Isawa Tsuki talking to Yasuki Tsukai.

Thank you DJ for Ice Cream
Thank you Ben for Dinner



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