Legend of the 5 Rings Smoking Waters

Session 11 01/04

The Saru Tribe want a duel, the murderers, or a battle. Much brainstorming is had. The BEST idea we have is to marry Shiba Kasai off to the monkeys as a hostage. Isawa Asano also volunteers but the idea of going back to Kyuden Asako without the ishkendo seems like suicide.

Mother Izoku is sternly disapproving, but offers no concrete advice other than to try to reach a peaceful solution. Taiko’s apprentice suggests (through sign language) that we go into the forest to enlist the help of a kappa against the apes. She implies that Teiko was getting information from the kappa. And the kappa like to wrestle so that’s why Teiko was so beat up. Supposedly if you can spill the water from the bowl on the kappa’s head, they are powerless.

O-Kappa-O is about 4’ wide or 4’ tall, with a turtle shell and a tree trunk arms and spindly legs with flippers. Iuchi Kazai offers up 7 days of Hotaru’s blood as a prize for either a wrestling tournament or a game of riddles.

O-Kappa-O vs Iuchi Kazai in a game of riddles, three riddles each.
Mighter than the moon, more caring than sun, more malice than Fu-Leng, the poor have too much of it, the rich don’t have it. If you eat it, you’ll die. What am I? Iuchi Kazai answers “nothing”.

While the unicorn is thinking, Moto Bolodai tries to wrestle him. It’s close, and O-Kappa-O drags him into the water. While Moto Bolodai tries valiantly, O-Kappa-O wins.

Iuchi Kazai asks O-Kappa-O a riddle he doesn’t know.

In the garden of the celestial court there is a pear tree that is renowned because of the wisdom in it’s fruit. A strong wind shook heaven, and then there were neither pears on the tree or on the ground. Before the wind blew, how many pears were on the tree? Two. (Pear/Pair)

A poor peasant farmer has two fields. One for rice and one for barley. Has only one bag so he fills it half with rice, ties it off, and the other half with barley and ties it off. A merchant wants the rice only. The peasant won’t cut his sack, and the merchant doesn’t want to trade sacks. Pour the barley into the merchant’s sack and tie it off and turn it inside out.

Eventually Iuchi Kazai wins the riddle contest.

Hotaru fights O-Kappa-O, after a long fight, she taps out.

Akodo Tokaji proceeds to make some particularly callous and patronizing comments and stomps off before she punches him in his smug fat face.

Iuchi Kazai asks about the weaknesses of the Saru tribe. They are vulnerable to the three sacred materials. Some also like shiny things.

Iuchi Kazai asks what the Saru tribe wants. Says the Okami tribe are raiding and killing their children. They want to secure their borders against the Okami.

Iuchi Kazai asks O-Kappa-O about the weather and the best time to harvest and plant. He says the snows will be late, but they will be hard when they hit. We have a month after the Bon festival til the snows hit. He’ll come back in the spring to update the forecast. He gives pretty specific dates.

People disperse to get some sleep. Iuchi Kazai tells people about O-Kappa-O’s predictions for weather and the peasants scamper happily off to plant another crop of buckwheat. That means the carpenters can’t be building granaries, but we can (temporarily) put the grain in some of the houses for a while while we’re building granaries.

Okami are the wolf tribe, and have a strong connection to Lady Sun. They are gentle protectors of the forest, particularly of children. This is seems extremely unlike the Okami as described to us by O-Kappa-O. Taiko’s apprentice seems to agree with O-Kappa-O’s description of the Okami, and says that the Okami have gone weird. She suggest that we join forces with the Saru Tribe to fight the Okami.

And we’ll try that next week!

Thank you Ben for pad thai!
Thank you DJ for dessert!
+1 xp for log
+3 xp for the game



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